16 thoughts on “Graffiti comes to Big Sur, 9/17/18

  1. God I hate seeing this, at a place that is so sacred. it’s also happening in the red rock country of Southern Utah, a place where I’ve spent much time.
    yes, it’s absolutely heartbreaking

  2. These are the same predators that are breaking in to cars on the highway. They are announcing their presence to other predators and it’s scary. These dangerous punks have NO respect for the land or understanding..nor do they care to have any. However, put any one of them out on a trail and they will be terrified…..

  3. For years, I’ve said that you should have to be 21 to buy spray paint…..they have done this in Europe to 500 year old brick buildings that cannot be repaired without destroying the integrity of the bricks. A friend opines that we are witnessing the end of Western Civilization….certainly, of civility…..😢

  4. This looks like all done by the same kid. Might want to check around with local kids to see if anyone knows the tag.

  5. geez, sorry to pop anyones bubble of bliss, but I let Esalenites hike in my lovely Cathedral Canyon and those jackasses are constantly carving shit on the most lovely faces of the Temple, wtf? it’s been happening for years, this is nothing new, and these are the fools who say to anyone who is nearby ” I LOVE Big Sur! “. heck, I had YEARS of arguments with Esalen workers and management about the disrespectful way they handled both my land and the canyon in general, and they made me the villain in that discussion ! it’s NOT just folks from ‘outside’, the entitled idiots are embedded, pretty well everywhere

    I’m SO tempted to name names here and now….

    would be nice if stupidity was only from ‘out there’ but it is not from only outside that the funky handling of the Majesty of Big Sur happens.

  6. Kate, your link goes to a page on your blog that has no evidence of who the tagger is… Can you provide a link to his FB profile? We’re looking for the vandal for an upcoming article about grafitti “artists”.

  7. The Facebook profile is based in Ireland with no activity since 2011. Not sure if there is a connection in this particular case or just a crazy coincidence that he was just passing through.

  8. Who was it that said “There are no problems, only solutions”?
    John Lennon, right?
    Purchase a $5. spray can of paint that will blend with the tree bark, or rock color or guard rail. Spray out the ugly, blend it with the surface.

  9. This has to be delta with as soon as possible. I’ve worked with cal-trans and other local communities regarding graffiti.
    I ‘ve been able to get discounts on paint for covering graffiti, some of the larger suppliers have recycled paint they sell. talk to them explain what is is your doing. I’ve had to take before and after pictures time and dates. The hours I put in, document it .
    Keep journals ,all the local authorities I worked with kept the pictures and the records of my time and materials \.
    when and if they catch them it will help.
    Please do not despair . I also found that the sooner I was able to cover
    the graffiti the better , it seemed to send a message.
    There’s also material that removes graffiti from some surfaces
    Be careful with those, it can do more damage then good.
    All the best , Jon

  10. The guard rail has been covered with gray paint, the painted bark has been chipped off. Rocks pending. Some years ago there was a huge colored 6ft by 20 ft tag on a Hwy 1 rock retaining wall. We covered it with cement, certainly looks better than the tag but not near as beautiful as the rock wall from the 30s. Removing the paint was messy and almost impossible in that case so we went with cement.

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