Kauai Strategic Tourism Plan

Tourist Tuesdays seem to a be a semi-permanent feature, as many of the blog’s followers send me articles each week. This one was sent on Sunday. The tourism industry in Kauai is now partnering with residents to limit the amount of visitors. Here are some excellent points that are equally as applicable to Big Sur.

“On Kauai, as in many world-class visitor destinations, times have changed,” it concludes. “We are at a tipping point and the risk of overtourism threatens the environment, quality of life and the visitor experience.

“For the visitor industry to continue to thrive and be a positive contributor to our economy, it must also be a vital partner in contributing to the quality of life for Kauai residents and protecting our island’s precious resources. This requires a ‘refocus’ within the visitor industry.”

Ann Walton of Community Coalition Kauai, who also helped develop the plan, summed up the apparent feelings of many.

“No one said this would be simple. It’s going to take a major effort to diversify our mono-economy: re-thinking how humans interact with the natural environment, our greatest asset and most prominent marketing tool; changing the visitor experience from one of overcrowded attractions and time spent sitting in traffic; and, returning to the rural lifestyle our residents deserve,” Walton said. “As the document recognizes, what constituted a success in the past, when viewed through a different lens, we now see as a crisis.”

For the rest of this article see: http://www.thegardenisland.com/2018/09/16/hawaii-news/overtourism-on-kauai/


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  1. “what constituted a success in the past, when viewed through a different lens, we now see as a crisis”
    Sums it up pretty well.

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