Photo Sunday, 11/4/18

Last night, Brendon came upon an unattended campfire. He video taped his encounter. I was not able to upload the entire 3 minute video, so I did some stills. While he was pouring the first of 3 gallons of water on the fire, the people came out of the woods. He educated these people who said they were from SF. They were about a mile or so from my house. Good job, kiddo!


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9 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 11/4/18

  1. smart to record..start to the cloud I presume… and there is ” someone” (hi mom!) that knows your ids/passwords to important “computer stuff” right? (a step often not thought of in today’s digital world)

  2. Fantastic iniative. Besides promoting tourism in the County, we need a strong communication and preventing program to build a strong awareness or reductiuon in activities, such as controled overnight permits.

  3. Old school data storage/secruity… backups always off-site. (some training is hard to forget lol) I guess the Cloud is as off-site as you can get.
    I don’t use the cloud personally but would consider it in certain situations.. such as if I thought there was a possibility of bad guys .. or gals ..doing bad things… worse case scenario.
    As for ids/passwords – maybe more of a PSA as I’ve recently had to deal with the issue. I think they need to be added to the “check list” of estate planing. Start the search for those passwords early! As in BEFORE.
    all done lol
    enjoy your day

  4. Warning: the below reply is very sarcastic, due to needs of sanity and survival in the current high risk wild fire conditions!

    I wonder if these folks were “educated” on the website?
    This site has a direct link to when you select campfire permits at the bottom of home page pulldown menu.

    Maybe all of this sounds good … before you realize that any person, any time, even during local bans on campfires, can get a permit good until the end of Dec, for any place in California. They show you how to make new fire pits anywhere! Why go to an expensive campsite?

    Facts about permit:
    1.)Title of permit: CALIFORNIA CAMPFIRE PERMIT (in large print w/ Dec 31 exp). This is the only part most tourists would ever read!

    2.) You are required to be misinformed in the terrible “training video” of how you can just create fire pits anywhere. Not much information about surrounding fuels, firewood isolation, or about severe dry and windy conditions when no fires should be started. River rocks seem ok too?

    3.)In fact the permit also suggests getting wood nearby, instead of buying local campfire wood. So I guess pulling green redwood branches off trees, or cutting small green trees is ok?

    Opinions About Permit:
    1.)It does mention “special state campfire permits required for state parks”, and this special permit seems to be just that? It does have California in the title: right?

    2.)Reading more of the small print seems like the whole permit is contradictory to itself if it is only valid on federal lands, when a local jursdiction deems it ok. It is titled “California Campfire Permit”. I might think I am already informed about “local restrictions” since I watched most of the video … right? I can’t really research that kind of thing with no addresses or numbers of local fire Calfire stations … and no cell service.

    3.)This is good for the whole state, and there is no reason to ask a person applying for a permit where they intend to build a fire, such as Big Sur. There is also no need to list phone numbers or addresses of local Calfire stations that might know “current conditions” such as bans on all campfires.

    4.)I wonder if Calfire ever considered only giving permits to tourists for exact locations or areas so they can determine if it might be valid or safe?

    5.)I wonder if it might be a better idea to only give permits for time durations that fit the current fire forecasts/conditions. For example, it is forecasted that backyard burning will be allowed in Dec. 1st. with permits. Or maybe the current high winds are forecasted throughout the week so it might not be good to suggest building fires with this permit?

    6.)Does anyone wonder if this Calfire and the “preventive site” is actually creating wildfires and more work for wildfire crews?

    7.)Does anyone ever think that maybe applying fire codes and restrictions enforcement to ONLY new buildings is not so effective in a near zero building/development area like the coastal zone? How is 0.1% enforcment/compliance going to help? Just maybe if some of the firefighting budgets went to “old structure conformance to fire codes grants” some of the exisitng structures/properties could be retrofited or maintian fire fuel crearances. Then our homes and protective zones could be slowly retrofitted one by one. Maybe a County, Federal or State tax credit, towards any fire prevention retrofits would be a very effective policy!

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