7 thoughts on “Rain and left-overs

  1. Hope your TDAY was great and that your sandwiches are greater and that your hills stay where they are!!! <3

  2. Hello All, well we got through fire season and thank goodness but i do want to forewarn that what appeared to be a dry Winter is heading toward a wet one. The big change is where the very anomalously warm Pacific ocean equatorial kelvin wave has risen; surfacing in the far east equatorial Pacific instead of more central equatorial Pacific albeit El Nino and not “Modoki” El Nino! This coupled with positive phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole and a negative Arctic and North Atlantic Oscillation is supportive of a positive Pacific North America Pattern or zonal moist warmer flow keeping the storm door open. There’s many other variables that are showing a trend toward this wet pattern but i dont want to complicate things too much. Bottomline clean out the gutters, build your water bars, stock up your supplies, and be ready for some wet potent storms this Winter.
    * Next Thursday looking like our first “big one” and more after fueled by post tropical typhoon energy recurving northeast from west pacific.

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