Just another Sunday at Bixby Bridge, 11/25/18

UPDATE: Look what I found in the CA Streets and Highway Code, section 731:

Selling on Right of Way Prohibited: S&HC 731
It is a misdemeanor to park a vehicle or structure on the right of way for the purposes of selling the vehicle or structure, or to sell items carried within a vehicle or structure.
Vehicles or structures placed on the right of way for the purpose of selling them are a public nuisance. Caltrans shall remove them from the highway.
Vendors may take orders and deliver items from a vehicle on the State highway immediately adjacent to the premises of the purchaser.

I hope he made LOTS of money, otherwise, with the ticket or the arrest the MCSO is on its way to give him, this is not very cost effective. Do NOT try this yourself. Locals are fed up and reporting all violators. Photo by Diane Allen:



9 thoughts on “Just another Sunday at Bixby Bridge, 11/25/18

  1. Just when I was going to say it looks like all the attention has paid off. Saturday 12:30 and 2:00 the traffic flowed smoothly. Oh well, vigilance is a never ending proposition. Some folks have no shame.

  2. Good find on the law front (I’d done some searches before trying to figure out what was legal and not and never found this) – I found it online in the context of the whole code:


    The only thing I could think of that would make this not apply is what the definition of the extent of the state highway is (ie, are pullouts included) and after reading other sections of the code, it’s obvious that the pullouts like the one at Bixby definitely are part of the highway.

    It also made me wonder if pullouts, being part of the highway, are illegal places to launch and land a drone. Given that a drone can’t be flown over an active highway, I would assume that launching or landing from part of the active highway is not allowed.

  3. Kate, what if Search and Rescue has access to a drone to deliver medical supplies to an undisclosed area not able to deliver by hand or pulled down from a helicopter like a dangerous high cliff?

  4. Say- for instance, someone snatching succulents is trapped on a cliffside rock and is unabe to move?

  5. My side point was using drones legally by a S&R team to keep someone who maybe stuck off a cliff. Vendor activity obviously was not apart of this discussion, but, drone activity is being used by beach lifeguards- I’m not positive- if the law has made an exception for these actions.

  6. Solution to this problem is gate up the pullout byway vista for good and it should put an end to this spot being a problem altogether. One spot fixed – how many others to go?

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