Nacimiento Rd.

From Monterey County Public Works:

Big Sur residents and those living between the Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek closures:  please be aware that there is a tree down on Nacimiento Fergusson Rd near Coast Ridge road.  County Public Works crews stationed in San Ardo are mobilizing tonight to clear the road and will make every effort as long as it is safe to do so.

Thanks Kate – Maia

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  1. We have the FedEx delivery driver and CalTrans Scotty at Willow Springs to thank for the County road crew removing the tree tonight. When the FedEx driver couldn’t make it back home because of the tree, he returned to the CalTrans yard to report it. He probably thought CalTrans was responsible for clearing that road. It was just before 5pm when Scotty alerted County Road Control who promised to get it cleared ASAP.

  2. you guys need to create a giant flow chart, it helps to get a visual.
    I got more, somewhere, but my dental work is affecting my train of thought…….💤💤

  3. Seeings how there’s probably no cell reception on Naci he had to come back to either PV School or go to Gorda to report, Cal Trans Willow Spring yard is locked up with no entry. That was brave of him coming over Naci on a day like this to deliver, but maybe that’ll be the last time he does that in the rain!!

  4. Little Philly, per Suzi, he went to CalTrans yard and told Scotty, who then called the county public works. What I don’t understand is why he didn’t go to Naci Station. I think Doc is still there, and or others, as I was told by Murphy one of them would put the sign up on SCR Rd re Plaskett not being a through road, while Casey put up one on the bottom of Plaskett. Also, B went through and cut that tree off the road, perhaps while he was gone to report it? Do not forward, for intended, named recipient above, only.

  5. The Fed Ex driver stopped at the school and CalTrans before going home and before finding the fallen tree. He told me that he found the drive to be a bit scary, to put it mildly. He may have encountered the tree West of the Nac Station and may not have been aware, if he had even noticed the station house on his way to the coast earlier, that it was staffed or even that it was there. So that poor guy got his fill of driving the Nac, I’m sure. There are (or were) trees on the West side of the summit, too. Hope he had plenty of gas for that up and down and back up to the summit repeat.

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