In case you may be wondering…

I haven’t been online much this week, as I have been on the road, taking care of things all week, so far.

Monday, I met Rock Knocker in Nipomo Mesa, where he was taking his Motorhome. I had planned on coming to SLO to see about winter tires – the best for my new MBZ Sprinter Van. This one:


(Yeah, that pink license plate holder has GOT to go! Clashes with the Aqua Green. Purple, yeah. Red, yeah. But pink? Nah.) Anyway, after meeting Rock Knocker, I went to get a camping spot for the night.

It is a gorgeous van, and my son built me a bed to go in it. Looked like this, but I have already changed it.


My first overnight (except when I brought it home) was to Morro Bay. Tonight, I am back there, but this time, unintended.

My road is a mess. People tearing it up because it is fun to get muddy! (Their parents must have denied them the opportunity when younger.) And the storms, and clay, and I couldn’t take my new van out unless I got good mud tires. I had done my research and knew that BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2s were the best (per owners) for the MBZ Sprinter. I did some more research, and found out that I should get some black rhino wheels, and I settled on the Warlords. I found the best tire shop around (and no, I am not going to tell you which one that is. It is already way too busy!) I called them on Tuesday. They ordered them for me, to be in on Thursday. I had reserved my campsite for 3 nites, so all was good.


This was my campsite. I can tell you this because unless you are retired military or 100% disabled vet, you can’t camp there. It is $5/nite for no hook-ups. Camp San Luis.


This is the drive to the campsite.

Wednesday morning the tire store called me, and they were delivered a day early, so I ran right down. I had had one cup of coffee, so I was good to go.


These are the final tires and rims. They are gorgeous and should really help during the winter months. I kept the “old” tires and rims as they only had 500 miles on them, and I can use them in the dry months and extend the life of these mud tires.

Alas, on the way home, I hit a significant size rock and limped into Gorda with 14 PSI to spare, only to find my son there. There were some major issues with the jack, the lug  nut tire iron, as the new ones were a different size, etc. but still, he got it changed, and missed the School’s Christmas Show in order to help me. Sorry, everyone. I then drove down here to Morro Bay for yet another night. Just couldn’t drive the rest of the way at night. I was beat.

So, I was out of there before I could get a photo, this am. But I was on the beach at the Strand, being lulled by the waves. I went by the tire place and dropped off the damaged tire, ordered a new one, had them tighten the lug nuts once more time, just to be safe, and now I am hanging in town until the tire comes in. Another night at Camp San Luis. Since I did not stay there last night, and my card had already been charged, they aren’t going to charge me for tonight. Finally, the universe is going my direction. Now, I get to play “tourist” in SLO.



10 thoughts on “In case you may be wondering…

  1. Sorry to miss you! What a ride. Next time you are in SLO I would like to treat you to a great cup of coffee. Shirley

  2. Love your new ride Kate and those tires look like they can get you anywhere. Sounds like a fun week, good to get out and about sometimes. As to people chewing up your road, I am sorry for people like this. Hugs.

  3. Good story, thanks. Was wondering why it was so quiet here.
    Vehicle camping is fun, and such a free feeling.
    That is a very nice color that you choose. Have fun! W.

  4. She beat the breast cancer – without chemo or radiation. It was the multiple mylenoma that beat her. Nice thought, but I keep her memory alive with wonderful photos of her and my aunt on my night table/dresser drawer that belonged to her. I keep her memory alive with all the wonderful ones I have of her. I will always miss her.

  5. so…. bsk. You aren’t gonna share???? haha I so get it…. daaaark chocolaaaaate 😄

  6. I enjoyed reading the history of this place. As a campground user I am not allowed to go into the training areas, but plan on taking more photos tomorrow before I leave. Do not forward, for intended, named recipient above, only.

  7. Very cool camper! It is so utterly nice to be able to get away when needed. We also look at our camper as an option in the event of an evacuation event.

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