Photo Sunday, 12/9/18

I found this sweet book I want to share with you. It is full of historical photos of the South Coast. It was written by Stanley Harlan, younger brother of Don Harlan, the original road warrior. Stanley is now 91 and living in Monterey. It is available on


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  1. I very much enjoyed today’s post on the Harlan book, the fantastic historic photos. Thank you, Big hugs, Phillip Hanson

  2. Pages 1-6 are reproduced as an introduction at the Amazon website.
    One of the few books about BS that received a full 5 star rating.

  3. Planning to drive down the coast Christmas Day and curious how the roads are now from the rain…thanks so much

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love Big Sur history and learning about it’s hearty pioneers! We had a wonderful event for the Big Sur Historical Society last night with some great stories told by one of our local legends, DonMcQueen. Great time to support our Historical Society by donating and/or becoming a member so these early times are never forgotten.

  5. Will always remember the metal keep out Harlan property signs heading up Hwy 1. Must be a collector idem now. Must buy the book 📚 is it available at Nepenthe or Big Sur market

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  6. I do not know. Could call and find out. I’ve asked Stanley, but he hasn’t answered yet. If he doesn’t have them at Nepenthe yet, I suggested he do so. 😉 Do not forward, for intended, named recipient above, only.

  7. Has Stanley had any archived stories written about him and his work by the local/regional media?

  8. I have one of those metal signs on my property, my dad made them out of metal because people would take the wooden ones to make campfires.

  9. I ran into Stanley on a hike a couple months ago (yes, he’s in his 90’s) and he was kind enough to share a few stories growing up on the South Coast and the two day ride from home into town (Jolon) overnighting in a cached cave along the way. Just about everyone I know is getting his book this Christmas.

  10. I’ve had his trail map for years and have been wanting to meet him. If he has a book signing or similar event I’d love to hear about it. I ordered the book on ABE.

  11. Just got my copy (from Amazon). An important addition to what is published about the history of early Big Sur settlers. Knowing the land and living with it…..a rare art today. Thanks, Kate, for alerting us to this dear book.

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