Storm Waves…

29E2512E-6C93-4971-BE5E-5B0DDCE437B3I will be interested in seeing how the predicted storm waves of today will impact the sea wall at Mud Creek.






The water you see above (shiny spot) is from waves pounding OVER the sea wall. The sea wall has taken a beating, even before this storm and today’s monster waves! Love to see it tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Storm Waves…

  1. It was crazy today at Lopez point, I can still hear the roar of the surf from inside the house! Waves were crashing over the top of Lopez rock and they washed the rock clean from all the bird guano. It’s no longer white on top!

  2. Waves that normally break 50 to 100 yards off of the beach between Santa Rosa and Leffingwell on Moonstone, were breaking 1/4 to 1/2 mile out, reforming and breaking again about 200 yards off shore.

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