New Limekiln Bridge plans & info

Because these plans are dated June 2015, we can’t be 100% certain they are the latest version. It still should give you an idea of the purpose and scope of the project and the fact that only during the abutment transistion times will it require one-way signaling. Construction timeline is estimated between Summer 2025 to Winter 2028. My mystery map maker gets the credit for the find and compilation of this information. Thank you!

If you click on the images below, they should expand. A full PDF version with additional plans can be found here: Limekiln Creek Bridge Replacement Plans. The Complete Bridge Replacement Project Study Report can be found here.  The list of Projects In Development for Highway 1 (from Hwy. 46 to Carmel River) is here.

Limekiln Creek Bridge Replacement Plans_01Limekiln Creek Bridge Replacement Plans_02

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