Lost pup, Clear Ridge on Sunday – Found at Linda Parker’s on Fronthill!

Good afternoon. I am up visiting my parents in Big Sur (on Clear Ridge) and my dog has gone missing at around 2pm this afternoon. I am hopeful that you’d be willing to post a missing pup note on your blog so that anyone who might check it will be able to help get her back to us.
Her name is Bailey and she is an amazingly friendly brindle pitbull catahoula mix. She’s around 40lbs and is wearing a black collar as well as a grey flea collar. Neither of them have a tag on them but she’ll definitely respond when called. She went missing at the top of clear ridge at 2pm today (Sunday). She’s not one to run  away or even wander very far so Im imagining someone picked her up from the driveway entrance to my parents house or something else happened to her 🙁
The address to my parents house (Eduardo Eizner and Carolyn Shearer) is 46205 Clear Ridge Road. There are signs at both Pfeiffer beach entrance and the river inn entrance noting her disappearance.
My number is (831) 521-7165
Or we can be reached at

Sunday Photos, 2/17/19

I arrived safe & sound last night, but Plaskett is trashed. RK made it through, but before 27+ years in Cal Trans, he was trained in the Army to be a Master Truck Driver Instructor, so he is a trained professional. Me? Not so much…okay, not at all! Photos from trip. I was glad I made the trip and got to say good-bye to my brother, see some of his friends, and to see his wife and her sisters.

You are with Mom and Dad, now, and some of your favorite dogs, RIP, cowboy.