Sunday Photos, 2/17/19

I arrived safe & sound last night, but Plaskett is trashed. RK made it through, but before 27+ years in Cal Trans, he was trained in the Army to be a Master Truck Driver Instructor, so he is a trained professional. Me? Not so much…okay, not at all! Photos from trip. I was glad I made the trip and got to say good-bye to my brother, see some of his friends, and to see his wife and her sisters.

You are with Mom and Dad, now, and some of your favorite dogs, RIP, cowboy.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Photos, 2/17/19

  1. Sad news indeed Kate ……and don’t ever forget you have hundreds of friends worldwide. … A very large extended family. Best to you and RK always, A Alan

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  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. May the many memories you have help to sustain you in this letting go.

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