Construction Project Postponed, date TBD

Yesterday (last night/early this am) with Cal Trans was surreal. A reader in Yankee Point, Katherine, a former location manager, pointed out that my two posts yesterday put the filming crew and the construction crew on a collision course, so I notified both.
Susana informed me that the construction had been postponed due to rain. I asked about a Public Information Release and she replied:
On Mar 1, 2019, at 4:57 AM, Cruz, Susana@DOT <…>wrote:
“I asked if they wanted one and they said no; we’d inform public if they called. New date TBD.”
My email to her:
“Tell TPB that that makes no sense. If they ask you to put out a PR notice re the start of a project, and then cancel it, the public deserves to know it has been canceled – especially a months long, miles long, project. So, I will inform them. If I have to write my OWN PR, they might not like it. When scheduled, they knew the month of March was predicted to be rainy, so why issue it? IF it was actually postponed because of rain, with date TBD, does that mean it will start in summer??? Phew, that policy of no new PR if cancelled or postponed stinks.”

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