Photo Sunday, 3/2/19

I just received this delightful book this past week, and I thought I would share a couple of the pages with you. It is mostly the stories of coming down to Big Sur on mules or horseback checking on the schools – in the mountains and on the coast – bringing books and once bringing a social worker to check on a WWI vet living down in the canyon of the Los Burros Mining District. There are a few historical photographs. It is available on amazon.


~ by bigsurkate on March 3, 2019.

10 Responses to “Photo Sunday, 3/2/19”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Love books about Big Sur, will had this one to our collection Darlene Cambria

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  2. I may start featuring a few more in my Big Sur Collection just because I like this idea, I like history, and I’d like others to know about the history of this area! Do not forward, please

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  3. Kate, is there a historical society for the Big Sur region and beyond or it all stored in a Caltrans vault?


  4. There is a Big Sur Historical Society. Do not forward, please


  5. It’s a shame on its website – its publications don’t show any archives or recent newsletters links.


  6. Try the Big Sur Gazette. I know it has archived its past issues (70’s and 80’s, I think.) Do not forward, please


  7. Found it, – yes, 9/’78 thru 3/’81 only.. Thanks, skimming through some now..


  8. BSG archives: Misprint edit, ranged from – Issues 8/’78 to 3/’81.. link…


  9. Thanks for keeping us in touch with the past


  10. I may do some more of this in the future, too.


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