Paul’s Slide to open at 5 pm, Mud Creek remains closed

And if you are wondering why Mud Creek is closed? Well here you go: That crack is 5’ deep!


And for another view:


Today’s Date: March 7, 2019 at 12:15 pm

District:            05 – Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito and Santa

Cruz Counties

Contact:          Susana Z Cruz (bilingual) or Colin Jones

Phone:            (805) 549-3138 or 549-3189




MONTEREY COUNTY —Highway 1 at Paul’s Slide (PM MON 21.6) will re-open by 5 pm today, Thursday, March 7. Hwy. 1 will continue to be closed at Mud Creek (PM 8.9) until further notice.

Businesses along the Big Sur Coast on Hwy. 1 remain open and are accessible via Hwys. 101, 68 and 46.

Caltrans’ Geotech, Maintenance and Construction units are on call — Assessments and cleaning continues at both sites. Crews are currently clearing perched boulders and catchment areas and will have Paul’s Slide open by 5PM today, Thursday, March 7. The movement at the southern conform at Mud Creek has slowed down; paving is planned for the displaced area tomorrow to make it traversable for public traffic.  We tentativelyplan to reopen Mud Creek by 5 PM tomorrow, Friday, March 8—dependent on: site conditions, continued displacement, and progress. When Mud Creek re-opens, our maintenance crews will monitor this location over the weekend and notify us if the movement accelerates or site conditions change. Assessments of the roadway conditions and progress will continue to take place in the morning tomorrow, Friday, March 8. Caltrans’ goal is to open the roadway as quickly and safely as possible and our staff remains on-call 24/7. (PLEASE REFER TO PICTURES OF BOTH SLIDE AREAS, AERIAL OF SOUTHERN APPROACH TO MUD CREEK AND VIDEO OF MUD CREEK BOULDER COMING DOWN, ATTACHED).

The gates on either side of Paul’s Slide will re-open at 5 pm today, Thursday, March 7. The gates on either side of Mud Creek will remain closed until further notice. These gates will not be manned when the highway is closed and there will be no access to anyone, including Emergency Services or Caltrans employees until a proper assessment can be made and any necessary cleanup has been completed.

NOTE: This advisory applies only to the Mud Creek and Paul’s Slide areas with each closure being treated separately. Please stay tuned for additional information when the roadway opens again.

 An update will be provided by noontime tomorrow, Friday, March 8th.

2 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide to open at 5 pm, Mud Creek remains closed

  1. It doesn’t look too bad to us locals who have dealt with this highway for 30 – 40 years of our lives….. Sure wish we didn’t have to cancel school every time that tourists shouldn’t be allowed but locals and PV School bus could drive it…. Our school has already had to cancel 14 days of school since 11/28. Our staff, parents and students take the brunt of the road closure impact. If we could at least have 2 passage times allowed through both slides during the day, we would be happy. Once in the morning for 30 minutes between 7 – 8 and one in the afternoon between 4:15 – 5:15 so that our van or bus can transport students between Gorda Mountain, Lucia and the school.

  2. This is worse than you think. This launched the school bus coming back from Gorda Mtn. the last run before they closed it. Fortunately, no kids. Going south isn’t as bad as coming north. It is dropping a significant amount each and every day, Suzi. But I truly get your frustration. Take the Big Sur pledge

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