California Film Commission and Bixby Bridge

Date: March 7, 2019 at 11:12:21 PST
To: Klosterman, Eric

Thank you for your response.

Fyi the most recent construction vs film use of Hwy 1 scheduling conflict was this week, which also included completely barring visitor access to the Bixby Bridge viewing turnout & OCR parking area, enforced by numerous CHP personnel. So while your assurances are welcome they do not match my experience on the ground.

Martha  Diehl
from my smart-alec phone

On Mar 7, 2019, at 09:20, Klosterman, Eric wrote:

Hi Martha,

Thanks for your requests.  The California Film Commission, together with Caltrans and the Monterey County Film Commission, has been working to address the concerns of residents in the Big Sur/Bixby Bridge area of Monterey County.  We have long had a moratorium in place during the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day on filming requests that involve any kind of traffic control.

Caltrans does not allow productions to take over exclusive use of turnouts.  Caltrans is the permitting agency for filming on State highways, so they are always in the loop and their local engineers advise the permit office of any planned roadwork that might interfere with or exacerbate filming impacts.  I know of one occasion where the maintenance department of Caltrans didn’t let the traffic engineer who approves permits know about some work they were planning until after he had approved the film permit.  Caltrans has put procedures in place to avoid that happening again.

Monterey County Film Commission is notified with a draft copy of every CFC permit application for Monterey County and can communicate other local events to us that may conflict with proposed filming activity.

We work with the CHP to make local patrol officers assigned to film shoots aware of the needs of the community and insure they do not hold traffic longer than is permitted.  CHP will always suspend filming activities if emergency vehicles need to get through.

We are not issuing permits for helicopter filming below 1000 feet at Bixby Bridge at the present time.  Drone operators who are permitted to operate over the Caltrans right of way are required to follow all FAA regulations.  The FAA has jurisdiction over all aircraft once they are in the air.  Property owners, including State and local governments can set rules for take offs and landings from their property so as to insure public safety.

We take all the issues you raise into consideration with each permit application.  We are exploring with Caltrans other measures we can take in the permitting process to minimize the impact and frequency from filming.  We continue to work with all the stakeholders to develop guidelines that are responsive to their needs.

Eric Klosterman, Permit Department Manager, California Film Commission

6 thoughts on “California Film Commission and Bixby Bridge

  1. Filming should not be allowed at Bixby Creek Bridge due to safety and traffic flow concerns. Not to mention the un-wanted and un-needed attention the Coast Highway is getting. Ridiculous. Why is this happening? Is the County getting a significant amount of money for the permit? There are times when digression is the better part of valor.

  2. although we don’t get all of Marthas letter to this person his response seems largely boilerplate, official bla-bla-bla see I’m doing my job and oh of course we care what you think – yawn –

    feels like mind over matter, they don’t mind and we don’t matter

  3. who controls this persons job ? is it an appointed position and if so who appoints it ? be nice to rattle that cage, see if CHANGE can be initiated because change needs to happen.

    and what is the mission statement of that position? perhaps by that standard he’s batting it over the fence ? maybe he’s not required to give a damn what the plebes think

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