Tourist Tuesday, 3/12/19

I know I am quite late today. I plead DST and sun. Perfect day to strip the bed and wash the sheets and comforter. As I have said before, my house and I are solar powered, and with the sun being my dryer as well as running my washer, it has been hard to get the bed stripped this month. I may be missing in action this week, while I enjoy the sunshine until the storms come in next week and stay around until the end of the month. I know you all understand. I so needed this break in the rain.

I am reading this book, along with several others of varying subjects and types, and will be sharing bits and pieces of it as it moves me.


~ by bigsurkate on March 12, 2019.

3 Responses to “Tourist Tuesday, 3/12/19”

  1. 1) Plan is needed on how to control tourism, per location.

    2) Dedicated Organization needed to implement that plan.

    3) Method to directly collect tourist funds to support that Organization/Plan.

    Just like paying to go to the movies.
    I guess the problem would be dealing with Government.


  2. Enjoy the sunshine!


  3. we must all learn how to love the places we love without allowing them to be loved into extinction.


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