Meet with Coastal Commissioner Carole Groom Friday

Dear BSMAAC stakeholders:

This Friday, March 22, 2019 from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. at the Big Sur Lodge, Supervisor Adams is hosting Coastal Commissioner Carole Groom for a Big Sur community meeting. The meeting will include presentations from your neighbors on how the Commission’s mission to ensure coastal access intersects with the day-to-day experience of residents, public safety professionals, and business in Big Sur. There will also be a 30-minute public comment period.

You can arrive as early at 1:15 p.m. Parking for the meeting will be in the lower lot only.

Please see the attached flyer.

We look forward to seeing you.

On behalf of Supervisor Mary L. Adams,

Sarah Hardgrave

Policy Analyst

Office of Supervisor Mary L. Adams

5 thoughts on “Meet with Coastal Commissioner Carole Groom Friday

  1. I truly hope you and all the locals that attend can emphasize the tourism issues BIG TIME and get some sort of recognition of the mitigation possibilities that the Coastal Commission will stand behind.

    When the Coastal Commission denied Santa Cruz forbidding overnight parking of RV’s in the City, it created a big blow to dealing with the chronically homeless that now park with impunity where and how long they wish, dumping their tanks and trash on city streets and drains.

    Big problems! ~2500 homeless in our small county of ~250,000 people. Half hanging out in the City of 12.7 sq miles. Major encampment along the freeway ~150-200 people, over half using injectable drugs, the Co health officer saying they give 300-600 needles PER DAY! It’s no wonder a plague of needles are found all over the city streets, parks and beaches.

    Thefts, break-ins, shoplifting are all exponentially exploding. Violent encounters against people just going about their business are happening in every area of town. Our new city council wants to throw more services to those who do not want to change. Terrible dilemmas.

  2. Hello Folks, just wanted to give people a heads up the next few weeks look wet and mild or even cold with storms hitting every few days. Right now nothing looks too big however March 27-April 5 or so looks like it could be fairly contiguous stretch of rain and things could get messy in terms of rock slides. The big talk right now is the extremely warm oceanic kelvin wave moving eastward toward South America that emerged and is rising in far east equatorial Pacific and is very similar to what happened in Spring of 1982. That event was one of the first close detailed studies of oceanic equatorial kelvin waves and how it supports the formation of El Ninos and nonetheless was followed by one of the most intense prolonged rain events recorded in California occurring Jan-late March 1983. Bottomline i would prepare for a wet Spring, warm humid Summer with late short fire season, and possible very wet Winter next year.

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