Photo Sunday – Juxtaposition, 3/17/19

Big Sur Tourism, version 2019 – both taken Friday afternoon, about an hour, hour and 1/2 apart. River Inn & Plaskett Ridge Road.


~ by bigsurkate on March 17, 2019.

8 Responses to “Photo Sunday – Juxtaposition, 3/17/19”

  1. Looks like an invading army.


  2. Yes, they buy at Costco and REI, spend little to nothing at the local establishments, and trample nature in their efforts to “enjoy” the beauty of Big Sur. It is ironic.


  3. The partygoers must not have seen the many No Vehicles Off Road signs. Maybe Forest Service should put up more. I know! Make them bigger much bigger… really big. That should do it. No patrols needed.


  4. If yesterday is any indication as to what’s coming this summer it’s going to be crazy!
    I know I sound like a broken record but if visitation keeps increasing at its current rate I think the beauty of Big Sur and the experience of all who visit and live here will be lost.
    That’s why the next five to ten years are so crucial to plan for the future protections that keep Big Sur’s “wild character” for other generations to come.


  5. I agree, and I hope we can reverse some of the damage. At this rate, no one will be able to enjoy Big Sur – residents, visitors, and tourists alike! Take the Big Sur pledge


  6. In response to Lisa K’s comment: perhaps the current “free use ” should be changed to a fee (like the Wilderness Pass that was so despised by all of us, including myself) and then we could recoup some $ to help pay for the sevices it takes to clean up/patrol the influx. And then there’s the ever present millions of $ generated by this iconic place, collected by whichever entities that need to be put back into our infrastructue. It’s a broken record….


  7. I like your idea about a use fee for this part of the forest, at least. We need to find out where the money would go first, then … let’s see. Take the Big Sur pledge


  8. I don’t think the juxtaposition ( yes, sic) is relevant….the people who want to experience the outdoors ( and I’m not condoning any trespassing) are going to buy their equipment at REI for God’s sake, and probably are not visiting Big Sur to eat at the River Inn ( which is, btw, a favorite of mine)


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