10 thoughts on “Photo Sunday – Juxtaposition, 3/17/19

  1. Yes, they buy at Costco and REI, spend little to nothing at the local establishments, and trample nature in their efforts to “enjoy” the beauty of Big Sur. It is ironic.

  2. The partygoers must not have seen the many No Vehicles Off Road signs. Maybe Forest Service should put up more. I know! Make them bigger much bigger… really big. That should do it. No patrols needed.

  3. If yesterday is any indication as to what’s coming this summer it’s going to be crazy!
    I know I sound like a broken record but if visitation keeps increasing at its current rate I think the beauty of Big Sur and the experience of all who visit and live here will be lost.
    That’s why the next five to ten years are so crucial to plan for the future protections that keep Big Sur’s “wild character” for other generations to come.

  4. In response to Lisa K’s comment: perhaps the current “free use ” should be changed to a fee (like the Wilderness Pass that was so despised by all of us, including myself) and then we could recoup some $ to help pay for the sevices it takes to clean up/patrol the influx. And then there’s the ever present millions of $ generated by this iconic place, collected by whichever entities that need to be put back into our infrastructue. It’s a broken record….

  5. I don’t think the juxtaposition ( yes, sic) is relevant….the people who want to experience the outdoors ( and I’m not condoning any trespassing) are going to buy their equipment at REI for God’s sake, and probably are not visiting Big Sur to eat at the River Inn ( which is, btw, a favorite of mine)

  6. Hi all, long-time Big Sur visitor and coastal resident here. Is there a General Plan of some sort, that’s been created by the community and made public? I’d like to help (been a leader of beach cleanups and trails maintenance), but having a clear starting point is eternally helpful.

    As an aside, I think there are some good examples in the world which have turned “poachers into preservationists”; specifically sea turtle egg poaching in Central America, and plastic trash polluters in Hawai’i. Perhaps there can be a discussion around how to turn the exceptionally poor Big Sur revelers into champions, too?

  7. maybe if things were not so expensive these ppl wouldn’t resort to this. its the chicken or the egg. what’s it like, 16 bucks for a burger at nepenthe? outrageous.

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