3 thoughts on “Big Sur Fire Open House – May 4th

  1. Added 3/27/19… for a much sooner CFP mtg..

    via… https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Carmel-Valley-Association-Weekly-Bulletin.html?soid=1109470834943&aid=DOe4KVDGWRw

    CVA: “Robles Del Rio Community Fire Preparedness Meeting”

    Wednesday, April 3rd from 6-8 PM at Tularcitos Elementary School gymnasium: 35 Ford Road, Carmel Valley Village

    Agencies/County offices to be represented:

    5th District County Supervisor: Mary Adams – Host of meeting

    Cal Am: presentation on upcoming planned water system improvement project in the Robles del Rio subdivision.

    Monterey Regional Fire Protection District and the County Office of Emergency Services: overview of evacuation procedures and how to be prepared

    County Resource Management Agency: feasibility and challenges of new evacuation routes

    PG&E: Wildfire Safety Program and how that is/will be implemented in our subdivision

    The Resource Conservation District (and MRFPD): Fire fuel mitigation opportunities

    -For residents not living in Robles Del Rio: We are all a part of the same larger community that is *Carmel Valley Village*, and anyone who wants to attend is welcome to attend. We will look forward to seeing you there!-

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