3 thoughts on “More Tidbits on Gamboa Trail

  1. My first guess is that Cedar spring is what we know today as Cook spring. It has a large cedar right over it. It is up the historic Carrizo trail which connects with the modern Gamboa trail. There was an earlier version Stanley Harlan called the Old Mountain trail (I think).

  2. Thank you for filling in my historical void on the completion of the new section of the Gamboa trail. The old trail dove down into the south fork of Big Creek from the Joita Gap, crossing the Canogas fork just above what is now the Joita Camp. Then it climbed back up the semi-grassy ridge between the Canogas and Cuevas forks of Big Creek, meeting the Carrizo trail at mountain top. This old trail required almost an extra day in driving hogs to market in King City. My mother describes this early route quite vividly in the quote I made, in my recent book, from her first venture to the coast in 1913. The new trail was blasted through solid granite, in many places, but was created on a nice grade around the headwaters of the Canogas Fork between the Joita Gap and Cold Spring near the Carrizo Summit.

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