Big Sur Fire – 45th Anniversary

Beautiful Day, wonderful people. Did you know that about 3/4 of our brigade are cross-trained in firefighting, EMS, AND cliff-rescue? Nice to have all the talent and training at our disposal. Nice to see so many people. I was too busy talking to them, to get photos of any! But here is equipment:

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2 thoughts on “Big Sur Fire – 45th Anniversary

  1. I am the Program Director of the EMT classes at MPC. There have been several Big Sur Fire firefighters that have gone through our program, including Matt and two of the new recruits that just passed their probationary year. So happy for them and the brigade! – Aletha

  2. Wasn’t there a fire in big sur in 1972 that the head lines read Hippies fleeing mountains.I was hitchhiking though there at that time and I wished that I would’ve kept the paper.

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