Tourist Thursday, 5/9/19 – BSHY

A new instagram account has been created called Big Sur Hates You, modeled after Public Lands Hates You, a very popular IG account that has been getting a lot of press since the shut down which resulted in so much damage to Joshua National Park. BSHY is run by an anonymous Big Sur local and is only a few weeks old, but is already having an impact, as you will see from these recent posts

1. Standing in the middle of the highway –




2. Messing with Marine Life:




And the ever present fire danger:


And responses:

If you have photos of people behaving badly in Big Sur, send them to

BTW, BSHY, if you happen to read this, there are a number of people who have asked me to give you a great big hug, so consider yourself hugged! I will be sending you tomorrow’s blog post (as a jpg) to add to your growing collection. 😉

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