Tourist Thursday, 5/9/19 – BSHY

A new instagram account has been created called Big Sur Hates You, modeled after Public Lands Hates You, a very popular IG account that has been getting a lot of press since the shut down which resulted in so much damage to Joshua National Park. BSHY is run by an anonymous Big Sur local and is only a few weeks old, but is already having an impact, as you will see from these recent posts

1. Standing in the middle of the highway –




2. Messing with Marine Life:




And the ever present fire danger:


And responses:

If you have photos of people behaving badly in Big Sur, send them to

BTW, BSHY, if you happen to read this, there are a number of people who have asked me to give you a great big hug, so consider yourself hugged! I will be sending you tomorrow’s blog post (as a jpg) to add to your growing collection. 😉

Together we can help our visitors learn to care about Big Sur as much as we do. And while we are at it, take the Big Sur Pledge at Http:// and encourage others to do so as well.




16 thoughts on “Tourist Thursday, 5/9/19 – BSHY

  1. FANTASTIC !!! That’s what I’m talking about – using the beast (social media) for YOUR purposes. You’ll never control it but you CAN direct it.
    Know thy enemy.

    The internet is insanely HUGE and if this goes even slightly “Facebook crazy” , and BSHY needs help keeping up, this is a perfect of example of something that the tribe can do.
    ***so can non-tourist tourists…like me 😀***
    Just need to make sure that everyone involved realizes that this is “official business” not their private rant platform. Need to keep the ethics in so “Big Sur TLC” becomes a shining example for other natural wonders that are on the edge … of destruction by the masses.

    Yep – I see big things in the future for Big Sur TLC… but it will take many, many little steps…. but I have faith …
    It’s Big Sur

  2. Understand the point, but at a time when the world is so full of “hate” there probably could have been a better account name and still effectively accomplish the same call-outs.

  3. good point but for the time being it is riding on the coattails…
    but yes, a very good point. something in keep in mind for future call #s etc.
    It can be changed easy enough but question is .. when?

  4. IMO this (social media) is an area where “experts” are needed… the trends and how they change and where they are headed. etc. People that have their finger on the pulse of the current social media activity.. because those are the people you needed to reach. That is your targeted audience. They are the ones that will forward your message. Exponential.
    And we need to tap into more of our local education programs. Higher education for the brain power (CSUMB, MPC, Hartnell, DLI, NPS) and lower classes for the future.
    And EVERYBODY needs more camping !!

    and clean-up days
    After all – it’s their backyard.

  5. It is important to sperate a relatively small group of irresponsible and destructive people from the vast majority of individuals who simply drive through to view and enjoy the Big Sur coast – which is exactly why this highway was built. I’ll even forgive tourists using turnouts as toilets with a view because I blame the county and state for the lack of facilities. The state spends millions to promote visitors (check out the budget for “Visit California”) but can’t find the funds to build a single toilet or information kiosk. The key is information and then enforcement for those who still damage and endanger the coast. I understand the frustration behind this tactic, but question if there is a viable strategy to improve the situation.

  6. It seems incredible to me that the 2nd fire could have met any sort of permit conditions, or even that a permit for an open fire like that would ever be issued. Perhaps I’m missing something but it seems as though any little wind, or a stray spark could take us right back to a Soberanes type of fire.
    I agree with Mike’s comment about the IG account name, and whenever I get an email from Public Lands Hates you ( I subscribe to their newsletter) I am momentarily taken aback, however, it is effective on IG, so great job spinning off! “ When in Rome…” applies to IG

  7. hate is wrong no matter how you use the word …. HORRIBLE IDEA, who decided this was OK to do??? Makes me not want to support Big Sur at all… I do not support people who hate!

  8. George, I understand your position, and the name gave me pause, too, for the same reason. Social Media – particularly IG – is a whole different kind of place to me that I am still learning about.

  9. Can you send pictures of where all the boulders coming from cambria to BIG SUR are going.

  10. Just saw that BSHY account name has changed to Big Sur Educates You. Bravo!

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