Tourist Tuesday, Big Sur #8 on the list

Not welcome here: 8 popular places spurning tourists

Locals have had it with visitor hordes

  • Bixby Bridge on Highway 1 is a highlight of the drive along the Pacific coast near Big Sur, Calif. The area attracts throngs of selfie-takers- and more recently protesters worried about overtourism Photo: DREW KELLY, NYT
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Bixby Bridge on Highway 1 is a highlight of the drive along the Pacific coast near Big Sur, Calif. The area attracts throngs of selfie-takers- and more recently protesters worried about overtourism.”


“The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) just announced this week that worldwide international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) increased 6 percent to 1.4 billion in 2018, clearly above the 3.7% growth registered in the global economy.

The steady growth of international leisure travel and the soaring demand of tourists for the ultimate Instagram selfie location have led some localities to realize that they just can’t handle the crush, so they are taking steps to keep visitor numbers to a comfortable level. Following are some places that really wouldn’t mind if you just stayed home.”

And, number 8: (note, at least they added our BigSurPledge!)

“8. Big Sur. The overtourism problem isn’t limited to exotic foreign destinations. Closer to home, Big Sur and the nearby Point Lobos State Natural Reserve are looking at ways to keep numbers to a manageable level. A few weeks ago, Big Sur residents gathered at the scenic Bixby Bridge to greet tourists who stopped for selfies with the bridge and/or the rugged coast in the background. Frustrated by increasing traffic and garbage in the area, the residents urged the visitors to behave respectfully and to be careful climbing around on the rocks. (One website named Bixby Bridge as the most Instagram-worthy destination for 2019.) Meanwhile, Point Lobos could soon become the first California state park to impose an advance reservation requirement on visitors during peak times. You can take the Big Sur pledge here..”

And some of you may have heard of, or are following the new IG account, Big Sur Hates You. (It had quickly evolved to be educational, rather than just shaming.)  It is making a difference, and I will cover that on Thursday.

~ by bigsurkate on May 7, 2019.

13 Responses to “Tourist Tuesday, Big Sur #8 on the list”

  1. That’s funny, I don’t know if it was on purpose or not. But that is Not Bixby Bridge in the photo hahah


  2. And today,

    The last time I took that Road was a slippy/slide event in a VW bus in 1955. I was a kid—scary the entire way. We didn’t see another vehicle.

    Reading your blog, I know it’s better, paved even,
    and . . . that it’s a necessary road for locals but not tourists.


  3. Yes, we down here rely heavily on that road when closures north, south, or both, isolate us. Definitely not for the faint of heart, and the article makes that point. That article was written in 2018, I believe, and is being republished or something, as I got it earlier today. Take the Big Sur pledge


  4. I am sure it is a mistake. You and I both know how often Big Creek is mistaken for Bixby! LOL


  5. Hi Kate,

    Here’s a pic of one of a couple of bumper stickers that I had made a while ago. I put one on my car but felt it was too rude and removed the bottom part. Too, the only people who would see it are already here, so it’s kinda bad vibe~ing them.

    I’m beginning to think that its time has come, though.

    It has occurred to me that this wording, placed in small display ads in travel magazine and websites might be effective.




  6. Danner, any photos have to be emailed. Email on first stick post


  7. People can also click on the ..bigsurkate.. at the very top of EVERY SINGLE POST.
    Takes you to Big Sur Information •July 21, 2018 • 95 Comments


  8. email and pledge information


  9. Yup, that will get you to the original post with my email. Thx Denise. Take the Big Sur pledge


  10. Bumper Sticker: Take the Big Sur pledge


  11. Thanks for pointing out that we had Big Creek Bridge and not Bixby Bridge on the SFGate story! I’ve updated it with a correct photo. Cheers! -Chris M


  12. Anytime, Chris.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. oh no, now they’ll all want a selfie at Big Creek


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