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  1. Stop whining. We’re having small nor’easter, whatever the h. That means, including some snowflakes. !!!!

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  2. *looks around to see who is “whining”, sees nobody & splits*

  3. Hi Kate and Others, the weather pattern about to begin is not looking like a short or small one and appears is becoming progressive meaning several storms could impact the Big Sur area through the next couple weeks. I know this is hard to believe and even wrap your head around but the Climate Center has troughing (storm oriented air mass) established thru the 8-10 day forecast. Nevertheless the next Tuesday night Wednesday( 5/21-5/22) storm is beginning to possibly be stronger than these first two storms and would probably break most May records for rainfall going back 150 years. The Big Sur region should be ok as far as flooding and land slides, however, i am getting concerned about the Sierra Nevada and possible major flooding commencing late next week from snow melt and high elevation rain.
    This abnormal May rain sequence could really cause Climate Scientist to re-evaluate their hypothesis that California rainy season is becoming smaller with a longer fire season. The warming of the Central Equatorial Pacific and unstable polar vortex could actually make California wetter but lots need to be studied to see where we might be headed in our parts with higher Carbon Dioxide levels. Most Climate Scientist are being conservative and saying climate “Whiplash” and is a safeguard so they are always correct whether its wet or dry and over time we should start narrowing this down to whiplash meaning more dry or more wet for Central California on average.

    Cheers to June wildflowers,NO Wild Fire Danger till late Summer, and slow the tourist craziness!!:)


  4. April showers bring May flowers, May showers bring another round of weedeating!

  5. 5-19: Impressive May rain storm totals on Monterey Peninsula & Santa Lucia mtns..

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