3 thoughts on “Amgen’s Tour of California

  1. I watched the TV coverage of the stage through Big Sur – on more than one occasion they said the helicopter was flying higher than usual due to the sensitive marine environment (so yay, they were adhering to the MBNMS no fly zone – something most drone operators don’t even know exists) and they stressed a couple of times that the riders had specific areas they could toss their trash to the side of the road that was going to get cleaned up immediately the race went through – so a couple of plus points in their coverage this year.

    Riders taking “nature breaks” at the side of the road also highlighted the lack of public bathrooms 😉

    Baby steps I guess.

  2. while there seems to be a long list of negative things people/companies do that is counter-productive to the well being of Big Sur, I think a list of positive actions should also be kept as a reminder and reference point for what we want to encourage in the future .. including the “baby steps” mentioned by Tim. Maybe as events take place, a bullet list can be made of the plus/minus actions and effects. Hopefully with the input of various parties affected, a “model program” can be set up with guide lines. Yes, at the moment it is difficult to enforce even the basic rules – don’t litter, fire permits, don’t be stupid (that last one… that will be the tough one) and yes – those must be handled first before there is no BS to enjoy… but in the future, while you can’t stop them, there has got to be boundaries set.
    Big Sur “House Rules” ?

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