Mo Co Budget approved

The part we might be most concerned with is this: “Also Monday, the board agreed to back a proposal from board chairman John Phillips to devote $1.4 million in transient occupancy tax revenue to the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau. They also directed the organization to conduct a range of economic development initiatives, including a Big Sur tourism study and shuttle, and promotion of county destinations such as the Salinas Valley and River Road wine corridor, Lakes Nacimiento and San Antonio, the Pinnacles National Monument, and more.” From Monterey Herald

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  1. I haven’t read the whole thing (it’s over 500 pages long and life’s too short – maybe that’s their plan!), I just searched for MCCVB, but the amount they’re getting is more than in their own table in your post from two days ago.

    One slide in the Potential TOT uses in the (much shorter) Budget Hearings slide show document has the following in it (slide 24):

    Recommended change in TOT tourism contributions makes available $597,572 in FY 2019-20. Potential uses include:
    • Big Sur tourism impact mitigation-$200,000
    • Marketing for lakes resorts-$150,000
    • Promotion of County destinations (e.g., Moss Landing, Steinbeck Center, wine corridor, Ag Expo) – $247,572

    So, not sure who if the original budget plan was for $597k per the slide, or $1.26m per the letter you shared on 6/4 or what, but if they’re getting $1.4m, per this herald article (and page 539 of recommended budget pdf), does that mean the Big Sur mitigation gets more funding or… what.

    Recommended budget doc:
    Other budget related docs:

  2. …and how many bathrooms do you think will be built out of those funds?

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