3 thoughts on “Big Sur Saturday Tidbits, 6/8/19 – Paul Harlan & the Mountain Lion

  1. very interesting to finally get an image of Paul Harlan who received the title to/patented this property ( now my land ) in Hot Springs canyon in 1924, so this article was close around when he was beginning the homesteading process here.

    laughing, I can confirm that the lion presence is still wonderfully strong here ! it’s their place, I just get to live here.

    however times have changed and I LIKE living WITH them ( so far, might change opinion if they eat my dog ) as they seem entirely respectful of certain small boundaries.

    but golly, a big lion dropped onto the driveway in 20 feet in front of a friend walking a few weeks back, big whoops and big excitement for all involved ! I’m so envious of her encounter…. I see their prints and poop everywhere but never see them.

    fwiw my dog was chasing the lion. I wasn’t close by or would have stopped that nonsense… leave them be, they leave us be

  2. ah, silly me, I saw the date wrong.. if it was 1937 when this article was written that was 13 years after this property was homesteaded. folks were expanding but there were people pretty well all around and the highway was open. slates hot springs was happening etc.

    we were the invaders of the lions territories then. now we live more or less in balance, amen.

    they can have the deer, in fact please ! deer are far bigger pests than the lions

  3. RICHARD WANGOE are you familiar with the recordings of Paul Harlan?

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