Bitter Fire, 6/10/19

Here is a flight map of the location of this fire. Also, be aware there is a new start near Jolon and the north entrance to Lake San Antonio, structure into fire. I will post separately later, if warranted. Thanks to my “mystery map maker” from 2016 who is still with me, and helping when things get hot for this flight map. Bless you, sir.

12:30 pm – CALFIRE and SLO Co. Fire units are at scene of six separate vegetation  fires on Bitterwater road south of Shandon. Fires combined acreage is currently at 20 acres. Calling in resources, but don’t know which ones or how many, yet.

2 thoughts on “Bitter Fire, 6/10/19

  1. June 10th…. is this the earliest ever for multiple fires starting statewide within 2 or 3 days of each other? Which Big Sur fire started around 6/20 and took out Stony Ridge/Don Case’s home? Time to search the archives….

  2. Susan: On June 21, 2008 a lightning strike started the Basin Complex Fire.

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