Monday Meanderings, 6/10/19

Not a new weekly feature, just a title for today’s blog thoughts/post.

Saturday a significant fire broke out in Yolo County. It quickly grew to 1700 acres in just a few hours. While these “far-away” fires do not directly impact Big Sur, they do indirectly impact us due to the drawing down of resources available for other fires, statewide.

It is an earlier than expected (by me) start to the fire season, given the amount of cold and rain we had all the way through Memorial Day weekend — just 2 weeks ago. It feels as if we went from winter straight to summer. (And there are still a few people who doubt we are in a climate crisis?) Given this developing situation, and also given that I am working on another piece for Voices, my time will be spent doing more research, keeping an eye on fire conditions through out the state, reporting on some of them, and less focus on daily blog posts.

I have one more Tourist Tuesday planned that will take a look at a light-hearted approach Amsterdam is taking toward its own overtourism problem, but otherwise, I am focusing my energy on our issues and the solutions we need to look at and reporting on those. I also will be devoting time on community involvement in projects aligned with my interest in preserving the natural beauty and environment of Big Sur, by attending more meetings, interviewing more people, and working with others to find meaningful solutions.

I do my best to make sure all my important Big Sur related posts are shared with social media, and will continue to do so to through: two facebook accounts, my personal one (in which I do get vocal on national politics) here:; my “business” page (solely a recap of my non-nationally-political blog) here:; my twitter account (warning, this is my most political social media account, and I am very vocal here regarding my political opinions);; or my instagram account (I am very unskilled in this arena, but I keep trying)

I would like to note, however, that if a fire breaks out in our neighborhood this season, I can only promise to update the blog posts, so I would suggest you sign up on the right at the bottom for email notifications of any new posts.

That’s my Monday and the direction I expect this blog to take in the coming months. Thanks for your continued support.

4 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings, 6/10/19

  1. Completely understandable to put your attention on Big Sur TLC. A HUGE undertaking. Your experience, insight and obvious affinity for her – all this drives you and provides determination to take action, to save this beautiful piece of Earth.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you were feeling pulled between daily blogs and long-range research .. while flowers are pretty and the old stories are fantastic, you know in your heart the direction you need to take and where you need to put your attention.
    And with that kind of self-motivation .. a hell of a force. Look out world!

    Besides, with all that you do, I was wondering how you managed to get 26 hour days and 8 days in a week .. must be some Magic Mountain Minutes.

  2. Thank you for all that you do for this area Kate. We appreciate your keeping us informed and also your work to care for this precious area!

  3. You’re such a great community resource. Time to take it to the next level WHATEVER that might be. <3

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