Lost Dog, Torre Canyon — South Side — Found!

Update, this pup has been found! She was on the side of the road with the help of friends and all of us watching out, she has been located. Thanks, all.

Our pup Naia ran away Monday night 6/17 around 7:30pm from our friend’s home at 50510 highway 1. She was spotted just south of the home but is timid and wouldn’t come to the people who saw her. Could you please post her photo and our phone numbers? Cell is 612-219-2534 or 612-743-8997, or can call Andrew and Shelby at 831-667-2281. Thank you so much, Anastasia and Cole 

2 thoughts on “Lost Dog, Torre Canyon — South Side — Found!

  1. I don’t see any indication anywhere that David Sanguinetti’s golden retriever Bentley was ever found.

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