Lost Dogs in Coastlands — FOUND!

“Hi Kate
We have a home in Coastlands 48310 Highway 1. 2 of our dogs escaped last night and we have been looking for them all night. Photographs are attached. They are Dylan (the black one) and Little Bear (Grey guy) they are friendly and little bear is a pup. Could you post to the blog in the hope that someone has seen or found them?” Best number to contact owner, Lowell Strauss per Patte Kronlund is: 415-272-4954

Dylan (left) and Little Bear (right)

6 thoughts on “Lost Dogs in Coastlands — FOUND!

  1. Please post it when the dogs are found. I am a passionate dog lover and this is very bad news for me. I hope happy news will come soon

  2. They were at the Taphouse last night, I have sent the owner’s contact info to one of the folks who was looking for the owners!

  3. These dogs were found yesterday! Rave at the tap house has the phone number of the women who are caring for them. They are in good hands!

  4. Dogs are hanging out on Partington today. I called the owner, will connect soon. Thanks for the help everyone!

  5. Not a bad place to be lost, ya know.
    Except for vehicles on the highway, I guess.

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