Tourist Tuesday — Bixby July 4th weekend

Tim Huntington took a video on July 4th, 2019 to show the line of cars waiting to approach Bixby — they were lined up going south well past Palo Colorado Canyon or 2.75 miles. You can watch it here:

Also, on Saturday, someone hung this banner up, which was removed that same morning by MCSO Jesse Villaseñor, I am told. I do not advocate doing this, although, I must admit it did amuse me.

Finally, for those who think putting in parking lots might be the answer, consider that the parking lot will be full immediately, adding to the congestion and traffic problems, not alleviating them, and then shall we make it bigger or add more? I suggest we take a lesson from Horseshoe Bend, and Page, AZ regarding the problems that creates and some of the potential solutions they have come up with — just like on Kauai, a shuttle is one of the answers, but parking lots themselves may not be, at least near the IG selfie destination:

Horseshoe Bend 4th of July traffic management plan Jun 24, 2019,

From the Lake Powell News Network:…

This year, the Page Police Department and the City of Page will be implementing traffic changes from July 4 through July 7 to help address and improve public safety.

Here are some of the temporary changes you will encounter at Horseshoe Bend over the 4th of July weekend:

* There will be multiple electronic signs in both directions providing you with up-to-date traffic and parking information

* Making a left turn into Horseshoe Bend from Northbound 89 will not be allowed; access will be blocked. You will have to drive down toward Wal-Mart and go around the roundabout (traffic circle) to make a right-hand turn into the parking lot

* Speeds in the area may be reduced

* Police officers will be directing traffic starting at 7am and continuing until 7pm or later if necessary

* Oversized vehicles such as RVs and vehicles with trailers will not be allowed into the parking lot. Commercial tour buses and shuttles will be allowed access.

No matter the time of year you are not allowed to park along Highway 89, however this does still occur. To prevent this, the Page Police Department and the City of Page will be placing barricades along the shoulders.

For those who would prefer not to deal with the traffic congestion and potential parking problems, alternate ways of seeing Horseshoe Bend are: 

Helicopter flights: https:/…

Fixed-wing airplane flights: https:/…

Horseback rides:

Shuttle service from Page, AZ, to a private entrance on Navajo Tribal Land:

But before, during, and after all this, as Martha Diehl keeps reminding us, we need real data. “I think we need to have actual numbers esp on peaks & velleys. A continuous count @ both ends & Naci would be a start. Then we can map the choke points in time & space, maybe work on a slate of specific measures to alleviate….”