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I am absolutely engaged and totally engrossed in history-in-the-making as I watch our entire democracy in action. I am reading every document that has been released, including the court opinions of the lawsuits filed against this administration, the news reports, and the twitter feeds of the political analysts I follow. As a result, I am not paying as much attention to my blog as I usually do. I do not and will not cover politics here, so I might be MIA a bit more than usual. Please bear with me. If you are interested in my political interests, follow bigsurkate on twitter, and you will get a taste for who I follow and my observations and/or opinions on the subjects being played out on the international stage. I will continue to do the copy and paste of the notices sent to me that impact the community, but otherwise? No promises right now.

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  1. There are certainly things that can take priority over blogging at times. Perhaps we could all use some extra hours in the day, though I don’t see that happening! 😉

  2. It’s hard not to be engrossed in our country’s current events. I am equally fascinated, but try to resist the urge to keep up. Probably a good thing I don’t have twitter. I’m grossed out enough already. Trying to focus on the light, stay upbeat and hopeful.

  3. Off topic, but I’m not sure where to post. We are looong term Big Sur campers/lovers and looking for a quiet, safe piece of land to camp or a rental. We are electrosensitive (sensitive to WIFI/Cell towers etc). Sorry for off-topic — not sure where else to try! God Bless. Matt

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