5 thoughts on “A look at Paul’s Slide

  1. We’ll see. The Julia Pfeiffer Burns slide, which is much larger, took years to ‘stabilize’. The spoils west of the highway slide away a few times in dramatic fashion and required more drainage work. Paul’s is apparently one big slide but reducing the slope angle should make it move more slowly (we hope).

  2. Those cracks cannot be stabilized or fixed easily. We see the surface, not the junction of subsurface rock and surface soil. The movement is way under the surface and the cracks will allow the winter rain to grease the sled. My recommendation, from working with such things for a lifetime, is to stock up on supplies before the first rains, and consider that the Hwy. will be closed again for an extended period.

  3. “Stock up” may be the price we pay for living alongside a restless mountain hanging over the beauty of the Pacific?

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