Fire Risk Sunday

While north of us the fire risk is highest, all up and down the Big Sur Coast the fire danger on Sunday is high. From local weather forecaster Dann Cianca:

Sunday fire risk around the MontereyBayArea:
Gusty winds over the hills along with very dry air will increase fire danger. If you’re in the highest risk area, be ready to leave your home in case of a fire and evacuate to a safe area. For all others, stay aware!

To give us just a bit of hope, two of the long-range prediction models are hinting at rain beginning 11/8. However, as is usual, the caveat is that these are long-range predictions which can change as we get closer.

From Daniel Swain, Weather West: “This is the kind of event that makes me personally nervous…and I don’t say that about all the events,” @Weather_West said. “Hopefully, we get lucky and there are no major ignitions. ….”

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