Ode to Lana & Meet Lady, the new addition

Before getting into today’s post, I would like to share some words I posted on Face Book about Lana Weeks passing. She was and will continue to be, an amazing lady and a big part of this coast.

“There are few people in Big Sur who have not been touched by this lady’s grace, compassion, and love the past few years. I am but one of the many she touched. I admired her so much and gained such wisdom just from knowing her. Selfless in her giving and support of Big Sur Fire. We will all miss her guiding influence, but she will live on in all of us whom she touched in so many ways. God Speed, Lana, and I will meet up with you when the time comes, and we can share stories again.”

This is a reminder to us elders…we need to honor not only those of us who remain, but those who will take our place. We need to make sure that this legacy — our legacy — continues. Let us make sure that the caring and compassion we envision lingers long after our bodies depart.

I know, heavy, right? But the love and beauty Lana represents continues in the babies — human and four-legged. This is the story of another being of light who came into my life as Lana was leaving it — another being was joining our Big Sur family — a fur baby.

Thursday, our dear Chica, Elsa Rivera, posted a photo of the cutest puppy on Face Book. She had been abandoned and needed a home. I have a thing for abandoned dogs. This is the photo that capture my heart and several others.


The story I have been told is that apparently, a couple had picked her up at the Rez, and on the way home decided they really couldn’t take her to their home, so they stopped at Loma Vista Shell and left her with Katy (?). From there she eventually ended up at Blaze and then with me, by about 8 pm. First nights with puppies are typically rough ones, particularly ones with no litter mates or mamas to assist. Thursday night was no different. Brendon introduced us, then went home, leaving his dog, Bella, also. First night…I have 3 and I am supposed to let them all “work it out.” Right…I also wanted to be able to sleep.

C’mon, Dad, do I really have to share my bed with this newbie?

No, she did not. After trying to get some sleep with Missy on my bed, and Lady trying her best to climb into the bed, I gave up and took the puppy into the office (where I have a spare twin) and that is how we all got some sleep that night.

And this, is one from Friday as she gets used to her new home, bed, and pals. I just happened to have this new, never-used bed. I suspect she will outgrow it.

It was a busy day for all of us as the pack order was established. Missy has always acknowledged me as the pack leader, and she has never let anyone challenge that. She is my second in command, and she worked all day making sure that pack order was established. Lady lives, Bella is happy, I am in charge and all the girls are in their places. It was a good first day for all of us.

Lady down for the night
Bella, settled in for the night
Missy, the ever active Border Collie, keeping an eye out for a mouse or ?? while the others slept. She finally has a job that will REALLY keep her busy — training the new puppy.

12 thoughts on “Ode to Lana & Meet Lady, the new addition

  1. she certainly could not have found a better home. bless you for taking her in

  2. You have the biggest heart. Lucky puppy. May she bring you many years of joy. Love the name

  3. Awww… this describes the process of settling in SO WELL! Wishing you all good times to come! (I know they will.) <3

  4. Let the fun begin! She’s a beauty and has found just the right home. Hapoy Holidays to all of you!

    Re: Lana: such a shock, I only really got to know her these last couple of years and she of course was volunteering at PV School for our Beautification Work Day, then for BS Fire during the Jade Festival. I wonder what will happen with her dog? How about another, Kate!!

    RIP, Lana…

  5. I’m so happy to learn you have taken in Bella as your new addition. Now I know she couldn’t have a better home. She is destined to be a forever happy dog. May she bring the joy and pleasure that may have needed filling! What a lucky puppy! Thank you for opening your hearts to her!!

  6. My delight at this lovely turn of events clearly had me overlook this detail…my apologies. Dear Lady, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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