Bedlam at Bixby…

…Or when Highway One became two lanes headed south.

This was the day after Christmas, or yesterday. Bumper-to-bumper so some people took matters into their own hands:

I am certainly glad I chose to stay home.

Photos provided by a friend and used with permission.

And here is another shot taken today, Friday Dec. 27:

NB Traffic takes a gamble, photo by Martha Diehl

17 thoughts on “Bedlam at Bixby…

  1. According to the MCSO FB page, they were there later in the day restoring order. See

    On Xmas Day itself, I went through there mid afternoon and cars were completely parked in the highway (southbound lane) next to that dirt berm that’s supposed to stop such things. That forced southbound traffic into the northbound lane and northbound traffic into the bus stop.

    There had to be 5 or 6 cars parked totally in the southbound lane, not waiting for spots to open up or anything, but totally parked, with no-one in them. I saw a lot of dumb driving down there on Xmas Day, but this was the pinnacle of it. That place needs enforcement any time there is a holiday or busy weekend.

  2. We were driving north to Monterey from Cambria yesterday and ran into that mess. I took a photo of a car just stopped in the southbound lane! Southbound cars were coming into our lane to get around it. I’ve never seen anything like it. Dangerous chaos.

  3. There was a repeat of this Thursday afternoon when I went north @ around 3:00 PM. Again like 5 or 6 vehicles parked 3/4’s into the southbound lane (monkey see, monkey do) with no one in them. Traffic was already backed up to Westmere, only probably to get worst as the minutes ticked. And it wasn’t due to “Overtourism” folks, as there was not that much traffic on the hwy., it was due to inconsiderate asinine drivers that shouldn’t be driving our roadways to begin with!!

  4. And the California and Monterey Film Commission are still issuing permits to film movies, Netflix series and commercials highlighting Bixby Bridge. At least four or five permits this month alone! These agencies and our County representatives who allow this to happen are making a bad situation worse.

  5. CHP incident at 3:17 PM yesterday “ at least 10 cars 1125” ( traffic hazard) @SR-1 and Bixby Bridge. I used to think we could rally forces and effect change, increasingly feels like, “ not that much.” Next Spring when Cal Trans tears up the highway while NOT putting the utility lines underground nor putting a sewer main in the ditch, and smogs us all to death with their or contractors old diesel trucks and stalled traffic—- this will look like nothing. All the pain of that roadwork would be tolerable if it were meaningful, as in utilities going in the ground.

  6. A large part of why I quit visiting Big Sur years (like 20) ago even tho’ it’s dear to my heart

  7. Similar congestion and thoughtless drivers stopping traffic on Sycamore Cyn Rd.–preventing residents from getting to their homes and also posing a severe safety risk to anyone requiring emergency services. This level of over-tourism must be dealt with by the county.

  8. Tourists are not interested in the signs that state “Flood” and drive through the creek to Pfeiffer Beach which then causes flooded cars in Sycamore Canyon! Or they park in front of my property blocking my driveway to wade to the beach. Idiots!!!

  9. I drove into town from Big Sur around 11:15am. Again, cars were stopped in the middle of the road at Bixby…..accidents in the making….not to mention delays in getting into ‘town!’

  10. I have to agree with the comment by Marcus Foster. Why on EARTH would anyone issue permits for filming anywhere on the Coast Highway? Can’t be the money the County gets from the permit. Wake up Monterey County!! You clearly are not aware of the dangerous and problematic behavior of tourists driving…and their total dis-regard for simple rules of decency. Stop allowing this ridiculous addition to the problem with Bixby Bridge and everywhere along Highway 1 south of Carmel. Honestly….you would have to be near brain dead to to not see how you have contributed to this night-mare. Stop the permits for filming. Find another source of revenue that does not exacerbate the nightmare.

  11. I have to stop saying “How stupid can these drivers be”. I think these idiots are starting to take it as a challenge.

  12. Marcus Foreman – The Monterey County Film Commission does not issue permits for ANY aspect of filming in Monterey County. We (I am the current VP of the Board of the MCFC) facilitate, respond to inquiries and direct those people to the correct agencies. We have been instrumental in working with Big Sur residents in trying to mitigate the congestion issues affecting the local residents (especially in this past year) and continue to do so even going so far as to remove images of the Bixby Bridge from our website homepage.

  13. So the Monterey County Film Commission has nothing to do with or takes any responsibility for filming locations in their own County? I know that the California Film Commission out of Southern California issues the actual permit but the Monterey Commission helps facilitate those permits needed. Sounds like another “Big Little Lie”!

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