Calm Enforcement at Bixby Today

The following photos were taken by Cheryl Richardson and posted on my timeline, taken today. Waiting for confirmation of the time they were taken, but I got them around 12:30, so guessing around noon.

MCSO & CHP Photo by Cheryl Richardson
Photo by Cheryl Richardson
Photo by Cheryl Richardson

Now, let’s find a permanent solution. Ban selfies, jumping, and parking at Bixby Bridge, and give expensive citations.

11 thoughts on “Calm Enforcement at Bixby Today

  1. This is GREAT to see but sad to know that it is now necessary. We drove through yesterday and it was the opposite extreme. So congested, unsafe illegal middle of the highway parking and forced slowed traffic. I’m so sorry to see what the increased tourism is doing to Big Sur. It’s beyond sad. I’m sorry for the environment, the Big Sur locals and for the lack of respect of those visiting. 🙏 for a solution.

  2. I still strongly believe we have to limit the commercialization of Bixby with endless commercials set there.
    And / or lobby the county so that the rates are drastically raised for those who want to film there and the revenue received directed to Big Sur for traffic control, etc

  3. Around 11:30 from the River State beach area looking south it appeared to be a dead stop line of traffic –do you have any readout about the Carmel end of the trip as it could have been simply a localized dead stop

    sue mccloiud

  4. Having seen the problems here first hand on a regular basis over the course of the last several years I think that the best and most fair solution would be to place boulders on the west side turnout as well as in the parking spaces on the Old Coast Road portion of the turnout. Just placing them on the west side will not fix the problem as people will continue to dart into traffic crossing from OCR to the ocean side of the hwy without looking. I am quite surprised that no pedestrians have been hit by a car here and I truly hope action is taken soon to ensure that does not happen.

    Boulder placement would be eminently fair as there are HUNDREDS of scenic turnouts in Big Sur for people to enjoy. If there is not going to be a limit to the number of cars traveling on hwy 1 we can at the very least work to find ways to disperse traffic away from major problem points like Bixby.

  5. CalTrans has an aversion to using boulders to block a turnout; it’s been explained to me, but basically to avoid creating a different hazard. So, the line up of boulders in the photo is kind of surprising, maybe temporary? I agree with the other comments as well, about changing the situation at the bridge. Especially the filming permits! Show us the money! , or better yet, a moratorium on Bixby Bridge film permits.

  6. Make Bixby Bridge a State Reserve, or something like that- ‘special’ being the operative word.
    Sell Ticketed-Parking-Only by online reservation in specific time-slot periods (10-15 minutes?).
    Early arrivals or un-ticketed will have to ‘move-along’.

    Of course, this will create a paid position for the officers to control traffic jams & on-the-road parkers.

    This idea is no more crazy than the current reality.

  7. The fact of CHP presence released a sigh of “FINALLY.” As a native ‘townie’ who grew up (as did my parents and grandparents before her) knowing the way to the restorative and beautiful Big Sur was always there, the loss of immediacy has been particularly sad. (Of course in my grandparent’s day the access was afoot or on horseback.) For residents, it has to be heartbreakingly insulting to have to plan town trips around the ridiculousness of the insensitive mob that has taken over. I absolutely agree with those who suggest Bixby (and the Coast) should be protected by seriously substantial filming fees. Would that be enough? I don’t think so. Fees sufficient to have dedicated CHP presence all the time? Something akin to a ‘speed trap’ only this would be a STOP TRAP. $$ from citations could be earmarked for Big Sur Highway maintenance and monitoring. I’m desperately wandering here, BUT . . . Thank you, Kate, for this forum of concern.

  8. Fixing the problem requires fixing the humans — all the humans who do not yet think through the consequences of reflexively acting on their whims.

  9. (So unfortunately, as much as we might like to think optimistically, this is not exactly something we would expect to have resolved in the next couple of years.) Teach your children well, everyone.

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