Two wildfires in opposite ends of CA

MannFire [Update] 3:40 P.M. Fire is 175 acres and is now 20% contained. Forward spread has stopped, however, EVACUATION ORDERS REMAIN IN PLACE. 2 civilians received non-life threatening injuries. Five properties received minor damage to fencing and outbuildings.

Two fires happening in opposite ends of the state on March 3. One is on the Tahoe NF and is 20 acres with a 4 acre spot fire. The other is in Norco in Riverside County with mandatory evacuations issued. Last I checked, it was 100 acres or more. This one is the Mann Fire, I believe. Tahoe is the Baker Fire.

A quickly moving 100-acre wildfire in Norco forced the evacuation of 1,500 residents Tuesday, threatening an estimated 500 homes, according to Cal Fire. The Mann Fire was first reported at 9:41 a.m. in the Santa Ana River Bottom near California Avenue, authorities said.

Here we go — rapid rate of spread for both, in early MARCH!!

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