Cal Trans public scoping meeting on guard rails

While both CABS and Big Sur Chamber posted the notification re this meeting, I challenged the advisability given the current pandemic. I wanted to get a response to my inquiry before I published and this afternoon, I got it:

Hello Kate,

We appreciate your concern and agree that holding a meeting at this time would pose an unnecessary risk to the public. Upon speaking with Caltrans executive management, the project development team has decided to cancel the upcoming public scoping meeting for the Big Sur Bridge Rail Replacement Program. We will still be engaging in public outreach to get some public input from the locals, but will not be holding a meeting on March 18th. I will send you an updated public notice with a link to a website providing project information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Scott Ostrau

Associate Environmental Planner

Caltrans District 5, SLO

(805) 549-3033

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