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This is not my usual area of information to post, but given the panic that is going on with four of the Grand Princess passengers — all of whom have been tested and are negative for COVID-19 — that is going on in Monterey County as evidenced on social media. However, I think it prudent to reiterate that caution, not panic, is a much more effective response, and to assist readers in locating sources for accurate, timely information.

Today, WHO, World Health Organization, has declared this a pandemic due to it wide spread globally, and due to the lack of preparedness by some countries. Also today, Trump cut short a briefing by leading experts in order to have “an emergency meeting.” In my opinion, he cut it short because Dr. Fauci was speaking to fact, not fiction. Dr. Fauci was publicly contradicting talking points from WH and VP’s office. Dr. Fauci spoke to underlying the severity of the situation we’re in right now. This is the first appearance where we’re really getting somewhat of a full picture.

Today, the California Department of Public Health published this:

State has launched an online hub that consolidates all available guidance
on how to prepare and protect Californians from COVID-19

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Public Health today announced the most recent statistics on COVID-19. California now has 157 confirmed cases: this does not include passengers from the Grand Princess cruise ship currently docked in Oakland. For more information on the progress of the return of individuals from the Grand Princess cruise ship, see this update from ASPR and CalOES.

The California Department of Public Health has consolidated state guidance on how to prepare and protect Californians from COVID-19 in a single location

You can find more information on this release here:

The “on-line hub” mentioned above contains: Guidance Documents: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A list of various guidance documents can be found at this direct link:

Also today, Dr. Robert Redfield and Dr. Anthony Fauci along with other emergency response officials testified on the coronavirus outbreak before the House Oversight & Reform Committee this morning. This hearing is the one Trump cut short. You can find it on C-Span here:

There will be all sorts of inaccurate and sometimes dangerous information floating around on social media — particularly the sociological petrie dish we call Facebook. Don’t fall for the group think panic that is being perpetuated there. Instead, look for original information from reliable sources, like John Hopkins, CA OES, etc. Exercise caution, not panic, and feel free to post links to reliable, accurate information in the comments section.

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  1. Another ongoing petrie dish of misinformation is NextDoor; please take anything you see there regarding Coronavirus with a giant boulder of salt, mine is already inundated with posts like “a doctor told me…” or “my second cousin who works at [legitimate lab/agency/research facility] says that…”. This is especially critical in the current political climate in which objective reality is often brushed aside as “fake news” and replaced with scary conspiracy theories etc.

  2. Appreciate the information and links and echo the sentiment. Thank you Kate!

  3. Kate, I don’t see where you’re getting your information about 4 people, tested, and Asilomar. What I read in the links you posted is that 24 people were taken by ambulance from the disembarkation point; 24 people have been brought to Asilomar ( not necessarily the same 24 people, if we are fact focused) all of whom have been “ screened” and will be tested. Mild symptoms not requiring hospitalization. I also heard Mary Adams saying last night that the people had been screened but not necessarily tested— or something similar as I don’t want to misquote her. She admitted that the facts were not known. Today’s update from the State does not say that the 24 people have or have not been tested.
    I may well be wrong, incorrect or have misread something. But I don’t think minimizing 24 to 4 is a good thing and wonder where you got that ##. I do think your advice re: not panicking is solid.
    As always, your fan, Susan

  4. Susan — I will find the source, but it WAS 4 when I posted, this is a fluid situation. As of last night, it was UP to 24 COULD be brought to Asilomar.

  5. Susan, from KION this morning: “ In a news conference on Tuesday, Governor Newsom announced that passengers who had tested negative for coronavirus and did not require hospitalization would be taken to hotels and motels in counties across the state, Monterey County was mentioned.

    Four passengers were chosen to quarantine at Asilomar for 14 days.” Another news release by KION this am says UP TO 24 passengers could be housed at Asilomar.

  6. Thanks for being the information source that the White House is incapable of being. Besides your site you gave to get info, the LA Times has a newsletter for all questions and answers as they become released, specifically pertaining to the covid-19 virus. I found it to be very helpful and on the mark! Thanks again for ALL the work you do to keep us all informed!

  7. Meanwhile, wash your hands often (especially when you touch highly trafficked areas), sing ” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” song as you wash hands – that how long you should be soaping up; take your vitamins, especially B-complex, C, and D. If you can, also take Chaga mushroom (grown on Birch trees, good for immunity, look it up on-line).

  8. Kate, I do not understand the logic of bringing untested people from the ship to Monterey for Quarantine. That neighborhood surrounding Asilomar is largely in the high risk age group and without the virus present prior to this decision. I have great faith in the “Chaos Theory” that states if something CAN go wrong, it will find a way. Surely there are more remote locales outside of ANY community for quarantine.

  9. Thank you Kate. Also the World Health Organization W.H.O website is another reliable resource for global information🙏🌎

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