Notice to Big Sur Community from Big Sur Health Center

The Big Sur Health Center is committed to keeping the Big Sur community safe, especially during these challenging times with the COVID-19 crisis.
Now that the virus has been identified in Big Sur, we have received several reports of unkind behavior when someone has become infected. It is natural to feel some anxiety, but there is no need for panic.
It has been reported that employees are angry that the employer won’t reveal who the positive person is and they are afraid they might have been infected. This is a natural reaction when facing the unknown that holds such significant consequences.
At the health center, we have stressed to each concerned person that the businesses are taking all recommended precautions and following appropriate protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.
We are asking the business community to help us disseminate this information and help quell the panic that seems to be growing. We know you are required to send a notice to all employees as soon as someone has been identified as positive and we would like to suggest that the notice include the following:
1) Acknowledge that you are required to send a notice to ALL employees whether or not they are at risk for close contact.
2) State that you are REQUIRED to withhold the name of the infected person to protect their privacy.
3) Advise that all persons that meet the threshold for close contact have been identified, sent for testing, and told they must quarantine.  If you were NOT notified that you are a contact, you most likely are not at risk and do not need to be concerned.
4) Include some statement emphasizing that the positive person is not at fault. Contacts should be advised to adhere to the policy of protecting privacy. The infected person is already stressed with their own uncertain outcome and deserve to be treated with respect, kindness and understanding.  
Big Sur has always risen to the occasion during a crisis and gone way beyond the call of duty to help neighbors.  This should be no different.  We are in this together.