USFS closes 4 popular dirt roads in the South Coast of Big Sur

The three roads that people live on have suffered significant damage such that emergency responders cannot respond with needed equipment if there is a fire or other emergency. Additionally, every night there is at least one illegal campfire. Local residents applaud the order, which goes into effect today, 8/7 and remains in effect until Oct 19.

Incident on Old Coast Road

This is all over social media, but I was on a grocery run And didn’t get it until now. Sharing for those of you not on FB. It is hard to say if what was going on was specific to OCR or whether it might happen in other areas as well. Regardless, it was very frightening and all of us should keep our eyes and ears open.
“An inspector with Davey Tree Service was traveling north on Old Coast Rd from Molera. About halfway to Bixby near the cattle guard, the road was boobytrapped with multiple boards studded with construction grade screws face up. The Tree Service employee got a flat and when she stepped out to check, 4-5 men armed with rifles and yelling “Alto!” ran up towards her.
She hopped back in and drove on the flat all the way to our gate here at Bixby. She honked and honked. 2 Davey big trucks she knew were in the area came as did a neighbor’s fiancé. She was crying and very upset. He called the CHP and sheriff – they are now here with a roadblock set up.
This happened just within the hour. Be careful.” (Editor’s Note: probably around 11:30 or so based on when it was posted.)

Pond Fire


From Black Mountain Camera in SLO at 6:15 PM (below):

pond 7

From Cuesta Peak Camera at 6:30PM (below):


From La Panza Peak Camera at 6:33PM (below):



5 Pm — Just broke out in the Parkhill Road area just North of Santa Margarita Lake and Pozo. In just minutes it grew to 15 acres. Structure into brush. SLU responding. Other structure threatened and this one has a DROS. (Dangerous Rate of Spread)

From wildCAD:

16:50LPF-2169PONDWildfire......35 22.824, -120 26.25029S R14E Sec 23.