Mandatory Evacuation order for South of Nacimiento, Prewitt/Alms Ridge Area.

Just got new maps from John Chesnut, shows the fire’s progression to the south. Well established in Hare Canyon.

And here is the north end. Looking pretty good.

6 pm — PIO confirmed this evening that the hard closure will be somewhere between PV Station and PV Center. He wasn’t quite sure about the exact location. Residents on Alms Ridge have been notified, signed waivers, and identified next of kin. So far, only one family has come out this way.

Fire and Evacuation Zone. The fire location is from early am, I believe? I think John said they fly over about 3 am and 3 pm, and then it takes 4-5 hours to publish the info. So too early to be this afternoon’s flight

Monday, August 31, 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                  MONTEREY COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT ISSUES MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER
Due to fire behavior and wind shift, a mandatory evacuation order has been placed for the following area:
South of Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, West of South Coast Ridge to Prewitt Ridge including Alms Ridge.
Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.

For Immediate Release 

August 31, 2020 

New Dolan Fire Evacuation Order 

Big Sur, Calif. – Due to the continued spread of the Dolan Fire to the southeast, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with Dolan Fire incident management team and Monterey County OES has declared an Evacuation Order effective immediately for the following area: 

  • South of Nacimiento Fergussen Road; west of South Coast Ridge to Prewitt Ridge, including Alms Ridge 

     An Evacuation Order signals an immediate threat to life and safety. This is a lawful order to leave now. The area is lawfully closed to public access. Aninteractive map of the area can be found on the Monterey County OES website 

     As a result of this extension the road closure for Highway one will be relocated to the area of Sand Dollar Day Use area. 

     All other Dolan Evacuation Orders remain in place. 

     Forest Order Number 05-07-51-20-19 remains in effect. 

     Firefighting resources previously assigned to the north end of the fire are being shifted to the southern end as the operations in the McWay Ridge area are secured. The Dolan Fire is burning two miles northwest of Nacimiento Fergusson Road.  

    A!ert Monterey CountyTo receive emergency notifications regarding evacuations and critical events in Monterey County please sign up for A!ert Monterey County at the following website:

     Be prepared for emergencies; the Ready, Set, Go! program informs residents about preparing for disaster.  


Dolan Fire 

California Interagency Incident Management Team 2 

Public Information Phone: 831-272-0222 

Media Information Phone: 831-272-0221 

Incident E-mail: 

Incident Website:

8 thoughts on “Mandatory Evacuation order for South of Nacimiento, Prewitt/Alms Ridge Area.

  1. Holy S#!!!! I hope that everyone gets out safely… Kate- Are you considered in or out of evac zone?

  2. Kate that is too close for comfort. Please stay safe. You are very important to a lot of us!

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