Wildfire on Scarlett Rd, Cv

2 pm — 1/2 acre grass fire. Forward progress halted

It is reportedly 106 in Carmel Valley and there are three spotter plans on it, per reports. This is what Chp says:

Incident: 00192 Type: Report of Fire Location: Crg16 / Scarlett Rd Loc Desc:   Lat/Lon: 36.523995 -121.793684 

Detail Information
1:30 PM11[4] Incident Re-opened: FIRE COMM REQ CHP FOR 1184 /SCARLETT @ CVR [Shared]
1:20 PM10[3] [CHP] has closed their incident [200814MY00175]
1:13 PM9[38] [Appended, 13:37:49] [34] S8 / RDWY OPEN
1:10 PM8[36] [Appended, 13:37:49] [32] [Appended, 13:10:46] [1] XFER TO FIRE
12:59 PM7[27] [Appended, 13:37:49] [22] BC BLK // 27-22 CPZ / SAW FIRE ENRT F/SR1 / HIGH SCHOOL
12:55 PM6[20] [Appended, 13:37:49] [15] [Appended, 12:56:20] [1] FIRE ON CVR / SCARLETT
12:52 PM5[14] [Appended, 13:37:49] [9] TRANS CALFIRE
12:52 PM4[13] [Appended, 13:37:49] [8] POSS TREE ON FIRE
12:51 PM3[10] [Appended, 13:37:49] [6] [Appended, 12:52:06] [2] SMOKE AND FLAMES
12:51 PM2[8] [Appended, 13:37:49] [3] UNKN WHATS ON FIRE
12:51 PM1[6] [Appended, 13:37:49] [1] SRP SEES SMOKE

Dangerously intense prolonged heat wave.

From David Swain of Weather West:

Update: Heatwave will be more intense, prolonged, and dangerous than previously anticipated

I don’t usually write two weather posts in one week, but this time I’ll make an exception. Earlier this week, I wrote about a “sustained warming trend and long-duration inland heatwave” that would develop this week in California. Well, that’s still true…but that language turns out to have been more than a little understated. A very intense and prolonged heatwave now appears likely for a large portion of California over the next 7-10 days, and this event will likely have wide-ranging impacts from human health, wildfire, and electricity demand perspectives. I suspect this event will probably end up being one of the most significant widespread California extreme heat events in the past decade, if not longer.

…“I expect sustained extreme temperatures of this magnitude to produce widespread human health, wildfire, and electrical power supply impacts. Some of these impacts will undoubtedly be amplified by the ongoing pandemic. This will be an event to take quite seriously.“

For the rest of this report, see: https://weatherwest.com/archives/7427