Dolan Fire, Day 13, 8/30/20

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Public Information Phone: (831) 272-0222

Incident E-mail:

Incident Website:

This is the link for the county created interactive evacuations map for all three fires. You can enter an address and find out the status. Nice job MoCo! Thank you.


AUGUST 30, 2020 8:00 AMPublic Information Phone: (831) 272-0222Media Information Phone: (831) 272-0221Incident E-mail: 2020.Dolan@firenet.govIncident Website: Los Padres National Sure FD:

Incident Information:Start / Report Date: Aug. 18, 2020 Size: 27,936 Containment: 25%Cause: UnknownLocation: Hwy 1(MM32.20) N of Limekiln State Park, 10 miles S of Big SurFuels Involved: Chaparral, Brush, Timber understoryInjuries: 0

Resources:Hand Crews: 16Engines: 77Dozers: 9 Helicopters: 10Water Tenders: 25 Total Personnel: 1,025 

Current Situation:Today, a smoke inversion on top of the typical marine layer combined to reduce fire behavior throughout the fire area. Crews made progress on the north edge of the fire along McWay Ridge and are cautiously optimistic that they will be able to hold the fire to that ridge. Work is still required in the area to manage the fire activity and the unburned vegetation that remains at risk of igniting and escaping the established perimeter. Once this area is secured resources will be moved to the southeast, the next tactical priority. The fire on the east side continued its spread further into the Ventana Wilderness.  The fire is actively burning on Twin Peaks Ridge, above Limekiln State Park and at the base of Cone Peak. Preparation work began today along Nacimiento Fergusson Road as firefighters prepare for the eventual southern spread of the fire. Work on the containment line which parallels the fire’s southern perimeter, protecting the Hermitage and the community of Lucia has been completed and plans are being created for suppression repair work. Much of the fire along the southwester perimeter has been contained. Crews will be patrolling the contained line to assure that any hotspots will be located and extinguished. Highway 1 has a section that is still burning on the east side of the highway in very steep terrain. Crews are monitoring the area to prevent the fire from spreading to the west side of the road, but given the rugged terrain, they are unable to get close to the burn. Large debris continues to roll onto, and across, the freeway. Patrols are watching for hazardous rolling material and removing it from the road.
The fire poses a risk to multiple businesses, parks, recreational sites, and communication infrastructure as well as the communities of Hermitage and Lucia in the south, and Partington Ridge in the north. Among natural resources threatened are the Ventana Wilderness, coastal watershed, and habitat for threatened and endangered species, including the California condor. 
Dolan Fire California Interagency Incident Management Team 2 Public Information Phone: 831-272-0222 Media Information Phone: 831-272-0221 Incident E-mail: Incident Website:


August 30, 2020 Morning 
Public Information Phone(831)272-0222 Los Padres National  
Media Information Phone(831)272-0221 
Incident Big Sur FD 

Incident Information: 

Start / Report Date: Aug. 18, 2020 
Size: 25,587 
Containment: 25% 
Cause: Unknown Location: Hwy 1(MM32.20) N of Limekiln State Park, 10 miles S of Big Sur 
Injuries: 0 

Fuels Involved: Chaparral, Brush, Timber understory 


Hand Crews: 17 

Engines: 89 

Dozers: 10 

Helicopters: 8 

Water Tenders: 29  
Total Personnel: 1,055 

  Current Situation: 

Last night firefighters continued to work in the steep terrain along McWay Ridge to establish fireline. Patches and lines of unburnt vegetation remain, and crews are keeping a close eye on fire activity. Crews are making good progress and are cautiously optimistic, but the containment lines will be tested by hot and dry weather that is forecasted to come in this afternoon and over the next few days. Air operations will be used when visibility allows, typically in the afternoons.  

Good progress was made on the containment line around Hermitage last overnight. Firefighters continue to assess the fire behavior and plan for the southeast line in the Twin Peak and Cone Peak area. Crews will work along Nacimiento-Fergusson Road to prepare the road as a potential fireline. 

Crews made progress along Highway 1 overnight and will continue work to fully contain the perimeter along the highway. The road remains closed because of the risk of the fire spreading to the west side and falling debris. The fire could ignite on the west side due to rolling materials or if the fire travels down underpasses and drainages. The east perimeter progressed today, traveling further into the Ventana Wilderness. 

The fire poses a risk to multiple businesses, parks, recreational sites, and communication infrastructure as well as the communities of Hermitage and Lucia in the south, and Partington Ridge in the north. Among natural resources threatened are the Ventana Wilderness, coastal watershed, and habitat for threatened and endangered species, including the California condor.  

Fire activity in the western United States has caused a high demand for fire personnel and equipment. The nation is at the highest level, Preparedness Level 5 (PL5). In PL5 over 80% of the nation’s incident management teams and wildland firefighting personnel are committed to incidents. Currently, there are 73 large uncontained fires nationwide. Fires have burned over 3.9 million acres with over 1.2 million acres burned in California alone. Resource orders are being prioritized to fires across the west. Acreage reported here is an estimate and will be updated when IR images are available. 

Dolan Fire 

California Interagency Incident Management Team 2 

Public Information Phone: 831-272-0222 

Media Information Phone: 831-272-0221 

Incident E-mail: 

Incident Website:

And here we are almost two weeks in to this fire. Just a reminder that the current ICM team 2 will be cycling out on Day 14 of their duty (not of fire). They will be doing the transition to the new team in in the next few days. There are several teams who are available, but they didn’t know which is going to be assigned as of yesterday.

***OPS SAYS NO FIRE ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF CONE PEAK*** They have a crew up there today installing communications.

If it ever clears today, I will be able to tell.

As we complete the second week of this fire, it appears the fire has crested Cone Peak. I can’t say for sure due to smokey conditions. Ops says no it hasn’t. I’ve been wrong before…and while I try not to make mistakes like this, I still do occasionally.

John Chesnut’s heat maps are below. John reminds us that : Heavy smoke inversion might spread the satellite detectable heat,  and “smear” the location,  I stripped off the “Satellite detections can overestimate perimeter” but should probably add it back in. Also note it looks like the Hermitage may be surrounded, but remember, these may be firing operations undertaken to protect those hallowed grounds. Nacimiento-Fergusson Road won’t be opening any time soon.

On the other hand, the north end of Dolan is looking pretty good.

Wildfire Assistance

Don’t forget that CERT is helping with a supply run for those who remained behind in the evacuation area.

Protocol for Resupply of Evacuated Areas in Big Sur

Due to the Dolan Fire, approximately 65 residences were evacuated from their homes including the areas Esalen, Partington Ridge Rd, Dolan Ridge Rd, Big Creek Preserve, Morning Glory Ranch, Lucia, and New Camaldoli Hermitage.  Despite the mandatory evacuation order being issued by the Sheriff’s Office, several residents have elected to stay in their homes. These areas have been evacuated for over 1 week and it may become necessary to resupply these residents with essential goods such as food, water, medications, etc.  In order to accommodate this resupply, the following protocol will be followed:

·       The Sheriff’s Office will request the activation of Big Sur CERT through the Monterey County OES.

·       CERT members will coordinate with the affected residents to determine what essential items are needed.  CERT will then coordinate having the supplies delivered to the northern hard road closure on Hwy. 1.  

·       Big Sur Fire Brigade will then meet with CERT and pick up the essential items at the northern road closure at the designated times.  Big Sur Fire Brigade will transport the essential items to the predetermined drop points within the Evacuation Area.

·       These resupplies will occur this Saturday only (yesterday) and then every Wednesday at 2:00 PM, depending on need.

·       If other supplies such as fuel, propane, water, etc. are needed, CERT will coordinate directly with the Sheriff’s Incident Commander for such deliveries.  These deliveries may be denied based on the direction of the Dolan Incident Command.

·       Other services such as mail delivery, package delivery, garbage service, etc. are not being allowed through the road closures at this time.(Some residents are reporting sporadic mail delivery, so make sure and check your boxes.)

·       Grocery items may be ordered online or by phone at 393-2090 at the Del Rey Oaks Safeway, when you place your order you will pay for it.  Please state that your pick-up time will be at noon.  You will need to send your grocery confirmation order number no later than 10:00 AM to:

Martha Karstens or Hal Latta or Dick Ravich  

I know going north for anyone in the Dolan Fire closed area or those of us who are south, this information may not be useful as it is taking place in Monterey, but some of you on Partington may already be in town and it will be accessible to you.

Those impacted by the Dolan Fire still have an ‘evacuation center’ for any services they need embedded into the Local Assistance Center being set up by the county for next week. With the fire still going, they might need services other than what the Center provides so we carved out a space for them. If they need aid, it is there for them.
OES did a message out to folks in the fire area about it,  but thought it might be good if you knew too and could share if appropriate. 

 Dear Community Member,This email is to help provide you with information on the latest updates for the wildfires on the central coast of California and ways to obtain any federal recovery assistance. My Wildfire Recovery Guide is available online as a comprehensives step by step guide detailing what to do after this wildfire disaster and how to obtain federal assistance.On Sunday, August 30, 2020, my staff will be at the Monterey County Office of Emergency Service’s (MCOES) Local Assistance Center at the Monterey Conference Center providing help and information to constituents in need of assistance from the federal government.  You can find more information about the Local Assistance Center on the MCOES website here.Information and assistance on wildfire recovery resources will also be provided at the Santa Cruz County Emergency Operations Center’s Recovery Resource Center at Kaiser Permanente Arena.  You can find more information about the Recovery Resource Center here.Please know that I am here to help you obtain federal assistance and to deal with the federal government during these wildfires and thereafter.  Latest UpdatesMy office is closely tracking the five fires in or near our home in the 20th Congressional District that include the CZU Lightning Complex FireRiver Fire , Carmel FireDolan Fire, and SCU Lightning Complex Fire.

For residents in Santa Cruz County who may be impacted by the CZU Complex Fire, I encourage you to be aware of the available information and resources, including evacuation centers and shelters, from the County of Santa Cruz website and Office of Emergency Services website.  You can also sign-up to receive email notifications with updates on the fire and other hazards here and follow the CALFIRE San Mateo – Santa Cruz Unit on Twitter.

For residents in Monterey County who may be impacted by the River, Carmel, or Dolan fires, I encourage uoi to be aware of the available resources and information, including evacuation centers and shelters, from the Monterey County Office of Emergency Service website.  You can also sign-up to receive email notifications with updates on the fires and other hazards here and follow the CALFIRE Public Affairs Bureau of Monterey County on Twitter.  For updates on the status of the Dolan Fire, follow the Los Padres National Forest on Twitter and Facebook.

For residents in Santa Clara and San Benito Counties who may be impacted by the SCU Lightning Complex Fire, I encourage you to monitor information posted on the City of Gilroy’s website.  You can also sign-up to receive notifications with updates on the fire and other hazards in San Benito County here and the City of Gilroy here and follow the CALFIRE Public Affairs Bureau of Santa Clara County on Twitter.  ImageCongressman Jimmy Panetta at a CALFIRE incident command center. Federal Response to the WildfiresFEMA Disaster Declaration:The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) granted a federal Major Disaster Declaration for Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.  Our counties were included in this declaration, only after intensive congressional pressure on the Trump Administration and extensive assistance by the California Governor’s Office.  That type of FEMA declaration releases federal funds to be used to help individuals and communities affected by wildfires in those two counties.

FMAG:FEMA also awarded Fire Management Assistance Grants (FMAG) grants to the Central Coast.  Those FMAGs were granted only after a congressional request was made at the onset of the fires. FMAGs will assist local and state agencies responding to the River FireCarmel FireCZU Lightning Complex Fire, and SCU Lightning Complex Fire and reimburse up to 75% of their eligible fire suppression costs.

CalFresh Waivers:The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved a temporary waiver that will allow CalFresh participants in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties to purchase hot foods with their benefits through September 23, 2020.  A congressional request was made and granted by the USDA for these waivers that will ensure that those who evacuated, lost their homes, or are fighting on the frontlines of these fires have access to the nutritious food they need during this challenging time.ImageCongressman Jimmy Panetta at an evacuaton center.

Federal AssistanceRecovery assistance from FEMA may be available to help individuals rebuild, repair and replace housing and other personal property not covered by insurance.Individuals who were impacted by the fires should apply for FEMA assistance in the following ways:Online at, (Spanish)   Via smartphone at fema.govConstituents may call the registration phone number at 1-800-621-3362; those who have a speech disability or hearing loss and use TTY, should call 1-800-462-7585directly; for those who use 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS), call 1-800-621-3362.Small Business Administration (SBA) loans also may be available to individuals and businesses to repair or replace disaster-damaged property, inventory, and supplies, or to cover working capital costs.  Homeowners and renters may also be eligible for SBA loans to repair or replace disaster-related damages to homes or personal property.After registering with FEMA, businesses and homeowners that would like to apply for SBA loans can do so online at: Jimmy Panetta in a fire damage zone. Please call me at my offices if you have any questions about federal assistance, problems with a federal agency, or need additional assistance.  I am here to make the federal government work for you.For frequent updates on my congressional work and service to you, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook.If you have any immediate questions or concerns that I can help you with, please feel free to call my Congressional offices in Salinas, Santa Cruz, or Washington, D.C. or contact me through my website.  Please reach out to me at any time and let me know how I can continue to best serve you.Sincerely,

Jimmy Panetta
United States Representative
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