Hard Closure of Nacimiento Rd

Apparently the fire is moving that direction and the decision to close it for firefighter and public safety was made sometime just before 4. This is a hard closure even to residents trying to get home. My understanding is it is being manned on both sides. Confirmed with resident and USFS.

Here is John Chesnut’s heat map for tonight, and it shows no hot spots near Nacimiento Road. It looks like they may be staging. They are using a military cop at the border with the base, and he is not letting anyone through. One guard told a local that they were staging and bringing up large vehicles tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Hard Closure of Nacimiento Rd

  1. Oh dear..i am so sorry-especially hard with no notice. Sympathies from sky ranch soul whose home burned down while at work-no notice

  2. What about the mountain top residents who have no other access in or out of their properties?!?!

  3. A Chesnut heat map is worth a thousand words (especially if we’re not on FacePlant and don’t get the afternoon briefing grrr)

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