MoCo & the state SIP

MoCo is serious about this current SIP order. Every single vehicle parked on the side of highway 1 from Ragged Point to Big Creek at least, was slapped with a red tag warning Friday. You can bet they are keeping track of the license numbers. Mostly, if not all, locals. I guess Jade hunting is out…

There has been law enforcement up Plaskett and Willow, too, stopping people to prove they live here.

4 thoughts on “MoCo & the state SIP

  1. Good morning Kate. That parking notice is interesting as it is a BLM notice and cites CFR not state violations. There is no BLM land on that side. I am sorry it must be so crowded over there with traffic!

  2. BLM may be offering “mutual aid” in enforcing closures on USFS jurisdiction. Just a guess.

  3. The vehicle violation refers to 36 CFR 261.52 (e), which says:

    § 261.52 Fire. When provided by an order, the following are prohibited:

    (e) Going into or being upon an area.

    So I’m guessing they’re getting them for being in the closed part of the forest/burn scar (this particular ticket also cites CVC 5200, so they got a license plate violation too – probably no front plate) rather than anything SiP related.

    I was down there today (tracking) and it was business as usual between Carmel and Lucia (which was as far south as I went) – a lot less people than a typical weekend day, but more than a sprinkling of RV’s and trucks with camper shells parked in pullouts that looks suspiciously like they’d been there all night.

    Lots of selfie taking at Bixby too.

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